YOGA: “Chanting as nobody is listening!

Mindfulness yoga for Spring, 2019 was devoted to Chants and Mudra teaching at Greendglade Community Center. Spring brought us life awaking and using sublime energy of mantra sounded like a good theme for my series. "Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses; it takes us beyond the bounds of time and space Thus it … Continue reading YOGA: “Chanting as nobody is listening!

YOGA: How I became a Mindfulness Teacher.

My mindfulness teaching came to me in my dream, and it scared me a lot. I did not like what I saw: plenty of young professional men “white collar”– highly intelligent, success driven with high ambitions but low EI (emotional intelligence) were sitting in a university auditorium waiting for my presentation.  This lucid dream came … Continue reading YOGA: How I became a Mindfulness Teacher.

New Year 2019, NEW YOU with Veronika

Give yourself the gift of 2019  INTENTION CIRCLE to start your Wellness Life in 2019 right. This workshop will amplify processes of self-inquiry, expanding your spiritual awareness and commitment to your ageless life with yoga.  All ages welcome. Yoga experience with Veronika would be beneficial. Over three workshop hours, and some self - reflection at … Continue reading New Year 2019, NEW YOU with Veronika

“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!”

“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!” This sentence came to my mind driving my car to yoga studio early morning on September 9. This was a sleepy rainy morning, most people are still in bed and I was already on my mission. I was armed with my powerful mind, years of healing arts experience … Continue reading “YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!”

ENTRY CODE is ready to claim your spot!

Free - sample class got a bar code now and you can reserve your spot to taste Therapeutic Yin and Mindfulness Yoga series for September 9, 2018 @ 9AM. Simply Call # 250 656 7055, or use online booking, code # 25336. How is Therapeutic Yin & Mindfulness made from? I combined three elements to … Continue reading ENTRY CODE is ready to claim your spot!

YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

I was asked by my yoga student " what is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness" while reading Panorama Fall Yoga offer and seeing my two new classes with these words in it. I sat and reflected on this topic using my experience and wisdom from the article written  by Kathryn Remati  .  So why … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness