is an essential step forward applying your yoga classes, online or textbook knowledge to in-person yoga group teaching with real students, community participants.

THIS PROGRAM is ideal for new Yoga Teachers with 200/ 500 hours, or any Yoga Therapy students in need of internship/coaching or practicum of in-person yoga group teaching experience.

PURPOSE: To gain self-confidence as Yoga Teacher for in-person yoga group teaching. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to develop your skills due to covid19 restrictions, or life circumstances. The primary focus is on the yoga teacher’s practical skills which include: a class preparation, time management, tips, troubleshooting, and a winning program proposal.

DURATION: 4 – week practicum/one class a week to observe, assist, and co-teach therapeutic yoga classes/programs in recreational facilities, Victoria, BC.


A few years ago, I was in the same shoes as you are now asking the same question “what do I do now?” Not knowing how to embody my yoga passion and wisdom fully to become a confident yoga teacher – not on paper only. (Did you know that less than 30% of yoga graduates obtain/ create a yoga teaching position? Only! ) Back then, I knew that the time was right to keep me moving forward so I didn’t lose ‘precious momentum.’

After I completed my yoga training, one thing I was positive about was that I needed to find someone to support and assist me. Like in every new profession, after study or training, there is a time for integrating your new skills.  Therefore, I took a proactive step forward, and privately hired a yoga coach to help me out!

Now, after a few years of extensive yoga teaching practice – I kept teaching even during Covid19 in. I gathered enough skills and wisdom to offer YOGA APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM to every new teacher, or a ‘teacher in training’ who misses opportunities to teach a yoga class in-person, due to covid19, or life situations.

HERE IS MY PROMISE TO YOU: By fully participating in the program, including the practices and exercises, you will move beautifully through each step to set you in alignments to become a self- confident yoga teacher. This will be accomplished by observing, assisting, and co-teaching in-person interactive group teaching sessions. You will also create a fine-tuned vision for your yoga teaching style to start building up the inner strength muscles and courage to manifest your yoga teaching practice.


VERONIKA PRIELOZNA is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), and therapeutic yoga teacher RYT500 with extensive experience in in-person group yoga teaching. Her valuable internship/ apprenticeship skills are well rooted from her past nursing career, where she has trained many new employees.  Veronika knows how to assist, motivate, and support you on your way to become a self- confident – active yoga teacher with a yoga teaching style that is uniquely yours. She is well known for her smile, joyful spirit, and proof of success from her professional and personal life.


Fall – Nov/Dec, 2021

Winter – Jan/ Feb, 2022


First let us talk, sent me email with a brief info about you to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation. We will discuss details of your yoga teaching needs, desire and goals, and how to reach them in our co-creative business partnership.