How To Use HATHA STRETCH To Increase Your Flexibility?

We all know that yoga is just one method of improving flexibility and mobility, but I prefer yoga HATHA STRETCH way. In my Hatha Stretch classes, as a yoga instructor/therapist, I continue to emphasize stretching and breathing exercises to maintain a healthy body and mind. However, I must say that, as a former nurse, I enjoy scientific procedures and prefer to view everything from all angles. Stretching and flexibility go hand in hand and are fundamental components of a healthy body at any age. It indicates that you are able to stretch, reach, and move, which enables you to acquire new knowledge and abilities and completely experience life.

First rehab nursing rule:

“You need to stretch it first before you can mobilize!”


For physical activity, FLEXIBILITY and the capacity to stretch are essential. MOBILITY that can slow the ageing process and potentially delay the onset of injuries, reduce inflammation, modify physical and emotional pain, and speed up exercise recovery.

“If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It!” is rule number two from rehab nursing.

No matter how much activity or restricted range of motion you have at beginning, it is advisable to begin your mobility adventure with a modest movement. When should I start my rehabilitation after surgery? Utilize any kind of support, such as a desk, doorframe, or chair, to gain stability and continue moving in a secure way.

Every workout includes the following three types of exercise in your routines to reap the full range of benefits:

1. Cardiovascular workouts that build endurance while increasing heart rate. Cardiovascular exercise is still achievable even if you are restricted to a wheelchair or chair.

2. Strength training activities use loads, weights, or other resistance to increase bone and muscle mass, enhance balance, and reduce the risk of falls.

3. Flexibility exercises increase range of motion, alleviates pain, and prevent injury.

Yoga’s secret sauce

Yoga focuses on how your body feels while you exercise, including your breathing pattern, the feel of your bare feet on the ground, and the sensation of air going through your lungs. This is how the secret ingredient in yoga is created.

You can feel this “body-mind connection” as soon as you step onto your mat. It is the most distinctive component that is absent from all sports. Exercise affects your inner world in addition to improving your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Regular exercise improves your fitness, but the magic sauce that is created from breath pauses, sounds, chanting, or thought connects everything into a holistic experience in which “you are one of the essential components of this holy.”

What do I teach in HATHA STRETCH?

I COMBINE ALL – YIN & YANG – logic and magic. Smile!

In HATHA STRETCH classes, you will learn and experience three major components that are involved in stretching:

Stretch Yoga with Veronika
Stretch Yoga


Your neural system (brain – insula/ neural network via a spinal cord) that controls your muscles moves; it sends an impulse to your muscle to CONTRACT via MOTOR NEURONS.  Once chemicals are release at a neuronal junction it causes a change in the length of the muscle…and your limb move.


In the muscle structure we have SENSORY NEURONS called the spindles that are wrapped around muscle fibers sense the stretch of a muscle.  Sensory neurons send back information to a spinal cord about muscle stretch status. In case, your muscle is overstretched they activate an emergency electrical impulse to motor neurons w/ command to contract. It works like your automatic built-up safety mechanisms. During your yoga practice, you can deliberately override it using brain work/ intention + breath following a gentle stretch protocol with focus to increase ROM of your limbs/ joints.


At the end of muscles there are tendons with GOLDI tendons organs.  GTO senses a LOAD on the muscle. If we lifting something very heavy this Goldi organs are on fire. By sending fast messages to a spinal cord, they can shut down your muscle move, if needed, to prevent injury.

In a nutshell, just remember…

Both your motor and sensory neurons have built-in safety features that may be bypassed with consistent stretching exercises in order to increase range of motion and longevity so that you can move with the ease of a child. I will conclude by saying that a human body’s flexibility gradually declines beyond the age of 20, depending on a variety of lifestyle choices and genetic predispositions. Your healthy lifestyle, degree of intelligent exercise to preserve healthy flexibility, and strong mobility at every stage of your life can all positively impact this.

When should you begin a regular stretching routine?

Most visible changes can be seen in a human body after the age of 40. Having a dedicated stretch routine can therefore help you in the long term to maintain your youthful appearance and flexibility for years to come.

Come to enjoy HATHA STRETCH class with us.

Upcoming class: Nov. 7 to Dec. 19, 2022/ Mondays

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Where: Oak Bay Rec – Monterey Centre

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Upcoming class: Nov. 4 to Dec. 9, 2022

Time: 10:00 to 11:20 AM

Panorama Rec – Greenglade Community

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“Come As You Are!”

Written by Veronika Prielozna, MA, C-YAYT, RYT 500


 Andrew Huberman:

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