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Therapeutic Yin and Mindfulness Yoga series for September 9, 2018 @ 9AM.
Simply Call # 250 656 7055, or use online booking, code # 25336.

How is Therapeutic Yin & Mindfulness made from?

I combined three elements to create this yoga series: Yin Yoga, Chakra wisdom, and Mindfulness.

The element of YIN YOGA

The magic of Yin practice is hidden in holding poses for extended periods of time ( 3 – 5 mins.). This work targets deeper parts of connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The body needs time and focused breath to “let it go on” on many levels of your body energy field – physical body included.

The element of CHAKRA SYSTEM

My in-depth chakra study though Integrative Energy Healing Program – 3 years – Langara College, Vancouver, gave me in-depth knowledge of this ancient health system originated from India. We have seven chakras, and each of them has its spinning vortex , presenting its characteristics and imbalances like “lights and shadows.” Chakra system will create a template for our onward travel.

With chakra system, we will learn how to be a practical and magical at same time!” ~Veronika

The element of Mindfulness

Last 15 mins of class, we will use mindfulness to pay attention to a present moment. With the help of sensory awareness and guiding meditation we will close our sessions. Everyone will be asked to do self-care homework to keep up with energy in your body/ life; daily 15 minutes between classes.

Join us on September 9, 2018 at 9AM, Panorama – Greenglade Community, Sidney, Therapeutic Yin and Mindfulness Yoga series for Fall 2018.
Simply Call # 250 656 7055, or use online booking, code # 25336

See you on the mats,



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