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“Healing only comes about through change. Sometimes we are required to take on something new and other times we need to let go. It is up to each of us to determine what we need in order to become whole.”  IEHP


Life after a Perfect Storm

We are constantly living with change: change of career, changes in life, seasons and style, change in a relationships, divorce, job loss, or relocation. “Change” is a shift in the situation.  Transition, on the other hand, is the process of letting go of the way things used to be and taking hold of what they have now become. In the time between the “letting go” and “taking hold again” is the chaotic time of transition; a time of sadness, loss, letting go of old roles and identities, learning to live with uncertainty, and eventually, it is also a time of opening up to the spaciousness of life, and anticipating new beginnings.  This package will help you to see life changes as an opportunity for a new beginning.

What is included in this package?  Yoga wisdom, spirituality & natural science, meditation, table work (in-person), and self- care activities.

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In-person, or by Zoom.

Price: $370 – Package of 3 hours sessions with one brief online check-in

Price: $ 699 – Package of 6 hours with online support (brief,  bi weekly check in), duration for 6 months

Service Booking:

Please contact me  with your brief information of your situation to determine details of your service order.  Service Invoice will be sent you in return.  Payment must be received 24 hours prior service date/ time.

Pre – Payment:

Preferred method: e-money transfer via email:

Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy:

In the event of rescheduling in-home sessions, please give us 24 hours’ notice by email. Please be advised that last minute session cancellations will not be refunded or credited.

People who have taken this package have reported significant changes in self-empowerment through connecting with their true-life purpose and healing.

She fills you with hope and an energy you did not know was there. She keeps you wanting more and you remember that place she took you to and want to return there; a place of calmness and serenity that relaxes and revitalize you. She motivates you to learn more and explore a new path for yourself and for your self-care. You leave feeling special and that you hold an important place in the universe and in the lives of those around you. Curiosity levels have risen to new heights and she encourages you to open doors in your mind that have been closed.”

Dacia, RN


First Step: Assessment and Intention

The session starts by knowing you, where you are in your life and what is working or not for you. A Health & Wellness assessment comes next.  Knowing your intention is essential but it might change after rechecking with your body because the human body can talk! Giving an opportunity to your body to talk will reveal what truths might still be hidden from you.  Asking focused questions with muscle testing might be used to confirm your intention. This will be recreated as necessary in order to reflect on your present situation to advance your self-development or evolutional process.

Second Step: Breathing

Veronika will teach you how to breathe correctly in order to calm your busy mind and allow brain waves to move toward the Theta cycle (a cycle where healing can occur). Once you surround yourself into a process, the healing process can be activated. “Right breathing” will assist with your desire to change, recharge and re-balance.

Third step: Table work (In-person)

If desirable, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table and the Integrative Energy Healing Session will assist you in your healing process.

Forth step: Post treatment dialogue and self-care work

In the last few minutes, there will be reflection on your session and together will come up with some simple daily activity that will help you to hold on to the energy that you accumulated in your body during your session. You will be encouraged to take an active role in your self-care process.

Afterward: Online support

How are you doing afterward?  Veronika will check in and ask if you have any question related to your session. Healing energy is active in your body for at least 24 hours post treatment. You are invited to share your insights with her through email or Zoom.

Health & Wellness Consulting