….it usually starts after Perfect Storm….

We are constantly living with change: change of career, change in life style, change in a relationship, divorce, job loss, or moving. “Change” is a shift in the situation.  Transition, on the other hand, is the process of letting go of the way things used to be and then taking hold of what they have now become. In the time between the “letting go” and “taking hold again” is the chaotic time of transition; a time of sadness, loss, letting go of old roles and identities, learning to live with uncertainty; and eventually it is also a time of opening up to the spaciousness of life, and anticipating new beginnings.


Consultations are by an appointment in a person/ skype or by phone.

Price: $$$                     Package of 3 hours/sessions with online support

6 months: $$$$           Package of 6 hours/ sessions with online support

People who have taken this package have reported significant changes in self-empowerment through connecting with their true life purpose and healing. The contents of this package include: inner work with blending energy, spirituality & science, meditation, table work ( if you can come) and self-care activities.

I would highly recommend this package to anyone at a crossroad in their life. Mercy, 40


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