“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!”

“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!” This sentence came to my mind driving my car to yoga studio early morning on September 9. This was a sleepy rainy morning, most people are still in bed and I was already on my mission. I was armed with my powerful mind, years of healing arts experience ( yoga included) and my cheerful smile and spirit reflected in my eyes.  I reviewed every detail of how to set my room, my Tibetan tangka, my digital tools – bowl, ring, and music. I knew well that time is pressures;  I must work intensively, having only 60 minutes to deliver a taste of my Therapeutic Yin & Mindfulness series for this fall season in Panorama – Greendglade Community – Studio 5. 

Greenglade Studio 5 – our space that we turned into Yin Sanctuary.

I LOVE YOGA STUDIO 5 where I have been practicing yin yoga teaching since winter time! I have an intimate relationship with all 4 walls, floor, and ceiling.  For me four corners of the room are four directions – South, West, North, and East. The floor is my powerful Yin – Gaia / Mother Earth energy and ceiling over our head is our Father in Sky to shelter us practicing yoga and self care – Yoga and Healing art. For me, this is my inner sanctuary place and my yoga mat is my holy ground.

Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanctuary
SANCTUARY is a word derived from the Latin sanctuarium, which is, like most words ending in -arium, a container for keeping something in—in this case holy things or perhaps holy people (sanctae/sancti). The meaning was extended to places of holiness or safety, in particular the whole demarcated area, often many acres, surrounding a Greek or Roman temple; the original terms for these are tenemos in Greek and fanum in Latin, but both may be translated as sanctuary. Similar usage may be sometimes found describing sacred areas in other religions. In Christian churches “sanctuary” has a specific meaning, covering part of the interior, covered below.


Yin Mar2

YIN has power in its holds, no doubt about it. This yoga practice brings you down to your existence. It will start talking to you soon if you learn how to find your edge to soften. I chose a few simple poses to demonstrate how it can be done. HOLD time was set only for 2 minutes and each of participants faced its own obstacles  presented in her physical energy field.They start knowing themselves from inside out.

Yes, it is easy to start but persist is ART.

If you allow Yin energy in your body will teach you how that soon there will be more tension or discomfort and softness and juiciness will overcome all.



I was able to share my brief summary about this ECOSYSTEM in our human body that ancient ayurvedic practitioners knew so well. It took them thousands of years to master this living art system, so our course of travel was set well to our inner travel onward.


soul stiring

The longtime hold was advised to use for listening to your body micro adjustment in body alignments. It takes time to allow yourself a gift of SILENCE so you will witness your own inner process of becoming.
Thank you all yoga friends who came help and participate on September 9, 2018 – class was full, during birthing my new yoga class into public awareness.Deep gratitude to you all.

~Veronika Prielozna, MA, RYT500 Integrative Yoga Teacher, founder of TGIF Yoga series, Meditation 911 and Therapeutic Yin & Mindfulness.

Image credits: Google image database



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