tgif-950x950“TGIF YOGA is a refuge in my busy day!” Veronika is positive, supportive healer.

~ Jannet


TGIF is the most healing and powerful that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful and treasure this yoga class. Thank you, Veronika.

~ Liz


I am sort of speechless; you gave us your time and love of spirit so freely.

~ Unknown

“Soothing, calm with energy. ~ Susan


2018, “TGIF YOGA is a refuge from a week.”

Goddess Upgrade 4It was a great exercise for me. It took the Asana out of Yoga for me and puts my mind into it.  Very strong ! I see and feel your Passion, your Commitment, your thirst for knowledge on this arena is truly inspiring.

I applaud you, Veronika!

~ Mary with gratitude, Yoga practitioner, 20+ years

2018, Intention Yoga Circle: PASSION AND COMMITMENT