Weight Loss: Men vs Women

Women and men do lose weight very differently. How come?

Women's Inspiration to Health and Fitness

It is not a myth. Women and men do lose weight very differently. Even the way men and women diet and respond to exercise are different in many ways.  Some of these differences can be blamed on biology while behavior is another factor. For the most part, men have a slight advantage but we as women should not give up.  We all want to be the perfect weight and it will be difficult individually to say the least.  I am going to help you understand how the two genders differ in weight loss and how to overcome it, in hopes to make it easier for us women to not feel so defeated before we even begin to exercise.

Metabolic Rate

Studies have shown that men tend to have a higher metabolism, anywhere from 3 to 10 percent higher.  Men also have more muscle that women, which burns more calories than…

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Mike’s Story: Just getting started

How my friend, Mike, became a traveling yoga teacher in India.



Many people are interested to hear my stories. I’m one of these lucky fellows who have had the pleasures of travel and the leisure for philosophy. I’ve spent about half of the past ten years in India following pilgrim routes and spiritual places; I didn’t intent to, that’s just the way it happened. I’ve spent considerable time in various destinations around the world that have some connection to healing, spirituality and indigenous cultures.

I consider Varanasi India to be my home and I hope to one day own some kind of home/workshop there some day. Sanjay is my brother, his family – my family. I’m the beloved outcaste brother. This is not a negative designation, but rather the reality of the foreign values and western corruption I have brought into their home. I don’t even write corruption in a negative way; but the individuality, lack of traditional values and other…

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