yoga inspirationI recently completed three 75-minute yoga therapy sessions with Veronika at her home studio and, at her suggestion, in the beautiful gardens of the Lieutenant Governor’s grounds.  Each time,  Veronika shared with me her thoughtfully prepared and  unique blend of yoga-based stretching, meditation, and spiritual and philosophical insights based on my stated intentions and needs.  I am so grateful for Veronika’s skilled and compassionate total attention to my well-being.  She definitely connected with my body, mind and spirit leaving me a happier and more optimistic human being!

~Kathy, 20+ yoga practitioner~

2020, total attention to my well-being.

tgif-950x950“TGIF YOGA is a refuge in my busy day!” Veronika is positive, supportive healer.

~ Jannet


TGIF is the most healing and powerful that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful and treasure this yoga class. Thank you, Veronika.

~ Liz


I am sort of speechless; you gave us your time and love of spirit so freely.

~ Unknown

“Soothing, calm with energy. ~ Susan


2018, “TGIF YOGA is a refuge from a week.”