20170731_130830(1)When I turned my 60th, I began yoga due to a sport injury first, not knowing what yoga will bring to me next. After some time, I started feeling the deeper connection to myself that brought me incredible peace and clarity. Then, I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga to share my discovery with my family and friends. Nowadays, after three and half years of practicing, I love who I am, and I hope that my love can be spread to others. Every time in classes with Veronika, I feel a magic of becoming ONE flows in my veins.
LIZ,  a regular yoga practitioner, Friday’s Yoga Stretch and TGIF Yoga classes



Goddess Upgrade 4It was a great exercise for me. It took the Asana out of Yoga for me and puts my mind into it.  Very strong ! I see and feel your Passion, your Commitment, your thirst for knowledge on this arena is truly inspiring.

I applaud you, Veronika!

Mary, With Gratitude, Yoga practitioner, 20+ years

2018 Intention Yoga Circle: PASSION AND COMMITMENT