Goddess Upgrade 4It was a great exercise for me. It took the Asana out of Yoga for me and puts my mind into it.  Very strong ! I see and feel your Passion, your Commitment, your thirst for knowledge on this arena is truly inspiring.

I applaud you, Veronika!

Mary, With Gratitude, Yoga practitioner, 20+ years

2018, Intention Yoga Circle: PASSION AND COMMITMENT

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“What is it like to work with Veronika?”

“She fills you with hope and an energy you did not know was there. She keeps you wanting more and you remember that place she took you to and want to return there; a place of calmness and serenity that relaxes and revitalize you. She motivates you to learn more and explore a new path for yourself and for your self-care. You leave feeling special and that you hold an important place in the universe and in the lives of those around you. Curiosity levels have risen to new heights and she encourages you to open doors in your mind that have been closed.” Dacia, RN

Dacia, RN …”she encourages you to open doors in your mind”