I gave myself the gift of a path.  In only two hours, Veronika will guide you from one year to another. Thanks to Goddess Upgrade 32017 for its lessons and prepare yourself for how you want your future to look. With a little homework and gentle guidance, Veronika is able to help you arrive at your path for 2018. Baby steps to big dreams!

Cheers, Susan, Yoga practitioner 4+ years


2018, YOGA INTENTION CIRCLE: Baby steps to big dreams!


“What is it like to work with Veronika?”

She is a woman in power of wisdom of her soul. She wears her East European accent and she doesn’t care; she has a fire in her body and her passion for soul is so obvious. I have difficulties to pronounce her name but it shows that she came from a distance and built herself a new life just a few years ago. Amazing story! Her English is good but she always misspells some words but her knowledge and education is unbelievable in such a short time. She keeps studying all her life. She is not shy in her gestures and smiles; speaks her own truth with confidence and ease. She mastered her way between ‘left and right ‘ and lives just in a middle, most of the time. She holds her ground no matter what comes her way and switches sides as she pleases. She brings me inspiration and creates some challenge too! That is who she is, Veronika, my teacher, healer and friend.

Samuel, 37…”my spiritual teacher, healer and friend.”