First of all, I want to thank Veronika for her time spent with me for the past few weeks. As a yoga teacher myself, I was glad that I had the opportunity to discover this healing journey of yoga therapy with Veronika. Quite different from a typical yoga asana class, yoga therapy sessions with Veronika gave me true moments to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate. I still cannot believe how fast these ten sessions with Veronika went by. She tailored every class to meet my own personal goals. Veronika is a very resourceful yoga therapist as well as yoga teacher. She combined gentle movements, yoga philosophies, meditation, and breathing techniques into each class. I not only felt better emotionally after each class but also learned tons of different new techniques I could utilize in my own teaching and daily living.

What touched me the most was the therapeutic relationship developed on trust and sharing. She is a wonderful person, full of energy, and an excellent listener. As the series progressed, I started looking forward to my every week session, as it became a “healthful and joyful” routine of my life. If you are looking to embark a journey of healing, either physically or spiritually, I strongly recommend Veronika.

~Oliver, 29 year old, yoga teacher

2020, ONE- on -ONE is more that a Yoga Class!

I started on a yoga journey with Veronika over a year ago. At the end of each Friday 9:15, Yoga Stretch class, I always stagger out of the room so relaxed I need to sit in the car to recover my senses! Veronika has the amazing abilities to stimulate energy, action and joyfulness into her lessons, and yet leave me feeling so very laid back and relaxed at the end. It is a wonderful experience and one I look forward to each week.

When Veronika announced she was going to be running a class on Therapeutic Yin and Mindfulness, I decided to become a participant. Little did I know what an amazing journey was in store for me. I have found that YIN yoga stretches the physical body, while the chakra instruction feeds your mind and gives you opportunity to contemplate your inner body; something I have never done in my life before.

With Veronika’s guidance I am learning so much that is having a positive impact on my health. In this class I am learning about the 7 chakras or energy centres located along the spine, and what impact they have on a person’s well being. Due to a stressful job I have been challenged with digestive issues and constant pain on my right side for many years. Journeying through the first three chakras I have been able to identify some issues, apply some solutions, and my pain has gone.

I now understand that by controlling my perceptions I can have a positive impact on my emotions, which in turn positively impact my physical body. I am incorporating what I am learning into my daily life and I believe it is giving me the tools I need to help prevent this pain developing in future.

I cannot thank Veronika enough for the light she has brought to my life.

Lyn, Yoga and Yin yoga practitioner.