“I felt sensation like caramel liquid was slowly filling up my pelvic, so yummy – so pleasantly warm”.

~Kathy, meditation practitioner of Meditation 911

“I felt inner whirlpool motion around my spine. It was real feeling in my body. Wow!”

~ Gretchen, meditation practitioner of Meditation 911

“I honestly forgot my body weight and felt like our group meditation gave me small wings to hover. It last only second but I got new body sensation of “growing wings to fly”.

~ Brenda, meditation practitioner of Meditation 911



MEDITATION 911: “Learning more about meditation was important to me as I get more involved with yoga in my life since it is a perfect complement to improvement in yoga.  Physical yoga becomes more effective for me the more I can relax.  My positions, stretches and endurance increase dramatically commensurate with my relaxation.  The relationship between physical yoga and mindfulness is indivisible and just as you can improve your physical capabilities through practice and repetition, so also can you improve your mental and physical relaxation, effectiveness and benefits through increased mindfulness.  Meditation can assist your mindfulness in yoga.

Meditation is not tied solely to yoga; it is a life skill that assists me in my daily life and challenges.  Since starting yoga, and especially through meditation, I am finding myself calmer and less bothered by problems that arise.

I highly recommend this Veronika’s class, especially for those who are looking for an added dimension in their lives and which can bring balance between mind and body.”

~Chris, a yoga practitioner with love for mindfulness yoga.