Health Wellness Referral List

This is our list of highly recommended Health/ Yoga/ Wellness Practitioners to support you on your healing journey. Please feel free to reach out to any of them with your health/ wellness concerns and book your appointment directly with them. “Good luck on your wellness journey!”

“I helped myself.
wiped my own tears.
put balm over fresh wounds.
plastered parts of my heart that
were still hurting.
Gave myself time.
read books that soothed my soul.
heard music that calmed my nerves.
watched movies that made me smile.
bit by bit. Piece by piece. I put
myself back together again.
and I gave myself a second chance.
because I knew that if I didn’t
then no one else would.”

Written by Ruby Dhal.

Earth Healing.

Dr. LISA POLINSKY, Naturopathic Physician

Clinical focuses: Hormones, Mood, Energy, Sleep, Mental/Emotional Wellness


Dr. JOCELYN TAITT, Naturopathic Physician

Clinical focuses: Integrative Cancer Care, Digestion, Stress, and Women’s Health


RECHELLE MCLEAN, Registered Acupuncturist, RAc

Clinical focuses: A Musculoskeletal Balance, Massage, Cupping, Laser Therapy, Gua Sha and Dietary

(250) 818-3910