RECOVERY YOGA + CARE provides yoga therapy rehabilitation services at your home. Based on my previous experience as a nurse and my current profession as a certified yoga therapist, I blend traditional and holistic healing in home support visits.

Brief Bio

VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA, RYT500, C-IAYT, IEHP enjoys working with people from all walks of life using integrative holistic nursing skills and alternative yoga wisdom gathered from around the world. Clients and students found her smile and joyous spirit contagious in her offer of well-balanced innovative healing solutions or self-development guidance.

The ideal client is in-home in pre/post-recovery care from an accident, surgery, joint replacement, or managing life with chronic conditions. The client is actively engaged in this rehabilitation, breath work, and meditation service by participating in the wellness activities during the visit.

Perhaps you need some assistance to follow your recovery/ rehab/ wellness plan from health professionals – or, maybe you are struggling to follow the program on your own. I can help motivate you to stay on your path to full recovery with focus and determination. If this sounds like you, please send me an email and I would be happy to assess your situation to determine how I can support you to achieve optimum wellness.

  • Minimum 2 hours per home visit – privately funded.
  • Outside of Greater Victoria, travel expenses may be applied. 

 Please note:

YOGA THERAPY is a complementary modality, and therefore, it is recommended to continue your personal/ medical/ health routine advised by your health practitioners. If you wish, I can collaborate with your practitioners’ team to follow your program and enhance it with yoga therapy elements to support you to reach your desired outcome.

RECOVERY YOGA can make passage to full recovery, as my life’s story is shared here:


  • Affordable in-home Rehabilitation and Recovery Service delivered by a former Nurse and Certified Yoga Therapist
  • One on One session – 2 hours per session (Covid19 health regulations followed, a client and therapist wear mask, distancing if possible, self-assessment email)
  • Convenient service delivery at a time that fits your schedule
  • Ample time for personal assessment and wellness approach
  • Ongoing encouragement and support.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health:

  • Regaining range of motion (ROM) after joint replacement or life trauma
  • Increased flexibility, strength, balance and muscle tone
  • Increased circulation to decrease swelling and discomfort
  • Improved quality of sleep and deepened rest to speed up healing
  • Improved overall energy and calming a busy mind
  • Boosted self-confidence by increasing self-discipline in practicing self-care
  • Natural Mood Enhancement – feeling happier with increased body mobility and breath work. More about movement, brain health read here.

SPECIAL BONUS – Care Assistance

CARE ASSISTANCE is offered, if needed, to support clients prior to their Yoga Recovery session.  Examples include: dress assist into loose clothing, medication reminder, bathroom break, and preparing the work space. After the session: settle the client in a restorative position, applying a cold pack, or supportive apparatus with a little refreshment to soothe their body and soul to enjoy a moment of post session victory.

First visit – what to expect

After booking YOGA RECOVERY services, you will receive my email intake form. Upon arrival at your homewe will review your health history, current conditions and medication history to set a baseline for our work, also a Release/Waiver form will be completed.  Then the YOGA RECOVERY + CARE session will be performed to guide clients to obtain better mobility and healing. Post session / resting time: the client will be assisted to a comfortable seat/ position, to reflect and enjoy refreshment.

Price/ Fees:

Minimum 2 hours for in-home visit  

  • Single in-home visit/ 2 hours per visit
  • $85/hour = $170 per one visit

Package Fees – Sliding Scale

PRICES are lower for bookings the packages below, rather than single visits. This is recommended for clients who require longer continuing rehab support during their healing time, or due to chronic complex situations.


 Minimum 2 hours for in-home visit

  • Private in-home service, 4 visits (8 hours in total)
  • Sliding scale – From $55 – $80/ hour (fee based on what the client can afford)
  • Private in-home service, more than 4 visits
  • Sliding scale -From $50 – $75/ hour (fee based on what the client can afford)

 A sample how to calculate a package order:

For example: 4 visits (8 hours) x $ 65 (your chosen hour fees) = $ 520 / total fees
  • Outside of Greater Victoria, travel expenses may be applied.
  • Depending on your private health insurance, some coverage may be reimbursed.

“When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think about a view from the top. ~ Unknown~

Service Booking:

Please contact me  with your brief information of your situation to determine details of your service order.  Service Invoice will be sent you in return.  Payment must be received 24 hours prior service date/ time.

 Payment via Interac e – Transfer:

Preferred method: pre payment e-money transfer to email:

Service time: Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 AM – 4 PM.  Due to special health circumstances, Saturday’s visit can be arranged.

Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy:

In the event of rescheduling in-home sessions, please give us 24 hours’ notice by email. Please be advised that last minute session cancellations will not be refunded or credited.

Please contact me with your inquiries:


Phone: 250 598 0191