Yoga Practice And Nervous System

Have you heard about the nervous system and how yoga can have a positive effect on it? I am positive that you have already experienced some yogic techniques that left you speechless. So you know that self-regulation of the nervous system is your body essential function to keep you healthy. Let me share some wisdom … Continue reading Yoga Practice And Nervous System

Winter cooking for your soul and body.

In the time of staying home due to Covid precaution,  in my memories I I returned to our grandma’s kitchen time. It was time when all family was running around waiting until the mother’s call: “Everybody to the table!” I remember all hungry eyes around the table filling their belly until it feels so good. … Continue reading Winter cooking for your soul and body.

5 Favorite Asana from 2019 Yoga Classes.

Each yoga student has a personal reason for coming to my yoga class. It varies from: stretching, releasing the tension, exploring their inner landscape, balancing, decreasing stress, feeling joyful, moving with breath, being a part of the yoga community, or simply sitting with their hoodies on in stillness alone, but being seen and noticed by … Continue reading 5 Favorite Asana from 2019 Yoga Classes.

FALL YOGA: New Moon – time to make your plans!

BLACK MOON, second new moon in a month, will come on August 31, 2019. It will be a great time to plan ahead. Not only it will give us a chance to evaluate the events from the past month, it’s also great time start to think ahead for August and Fall. Whether you want to … Continue reading FALL YOGA: New Moon – time to make your plans!

Love for Chocolate with benefits.

Love for Chocolate but not only in time of Valentine? Do not feel guilty if you choose a dark chocolate square with a high concentration of cocoa.  The cacao has more for your health benefits than you might know. Reading an article written by Sue Van Raes , I feel inspired to share this info … Continue reading Love for Chocolate with benefits.

URBAN RETREAT:”A New Earth Perspective —Together!”

Have you ever dream to go for retreat and being be surrounded by like minded people ?   In this year of Earth Pig, allow yourself the time and space to heal on many level of your energetic body by being a part "togetherness".  As Jen Smith in her article says "bringing a friend along has … Continue reading URBAN RETREAT:”A New Earth Perspective —Together!”