“Be a Lion-like who dares to face.”

There are many possible alternatives to chasing the sticks of thought like a hapless hound. We can start chasing them and then bring the mind back to a point of focus, rather like calling a dog to heel. We can learn sit still and to watch the sticks fly past without reacting to them. We … Continue reading “Be a Lion-like who dares to face.”

YOGA: Numerology on 2/22/2022!

Today is 2/22/2022! This is an extremely rare day, as it is also the last time in our lifetime the same number will repeat 6 times on a date. The number 2 relates to balance, harmony, friendship and relationships, and it brings positivity, so expect genuine connections to be renewed or strengthened during this time. … Continue reading YOGA: Numerology on 2/22/2022!

FUNCTIONAL YOGA: Teaching Notes to Self.

"No matter what life throws your way, always come to class with a sense of togetherness and a joyful heart - this is your power girl!" Community yoga learning allowing people to grow together towards same goal. But a yoga community quickly becomes much more than physical exercises only, it can touch people by in … Continue reading FUNCTIONAL YOGA: Teaching Notes to Self.

TRAVEL STORIES: Homecoming from Slovakia

For part 1 = Read HERE. After 6 weeks traveling in Slovakia – my mother land – I returned home full of new memories, experiences and self-inquire answers. For many it might looks like I was playing ‘foreigner tourist’ in my motherland admiring drinks, food, castles and beautiful scenery.  But there was more happening under … Continue reading TRAVEL STORIES: Homecoming from Slovakia

5 Immigration Life Lessons I learned.

After 24 years of "Over the Ocean" immigration, there is no doubt in my mind that the life of immigrants is not easy. Language barriers (even your accent), with difficulties to spell your name - it feels harsh inside. Cultural discrimination and general unfamiliarity to a brand new country is a significant hurdle to OVERCOME! Here are 5 Immigration Life Lessons I … Continue reading 5 Immigration Life Lessons I learned.

Yoga Practice And Nervous System

Have you heard about the nervous system and how yoga can have a positive effect on it? I am positive that you have already experienced some yogic techniques that left you speechless. So you know that self-regulation of the nervous system is your body essential function to keep you healthy. Let me share some wisdom … Continue reading Yoga Practice And Nervous System