TGIF Yoga 2019: Zodiac, Numerology and You.

Hello, everybody in 2019! I hope your Wellness Intention is almost done to be ready for our annual workshop Wellness Intention Circle on January 6, 2019, moreover, if yoga and meditation is your preferred wellness activity you can find my classes at Panorama Greenglade, or Oak Bay Monterey center. If you are curious about the … Continue reading TGIF Yoga 2019: Zodiac, Numerology and You.


TGIF Yoga around our table.

Holiday is time to gather around to celebrate the time of our life. Reading Debra Silverman words, I felt blessed to have one year privilege to teach TGIF Yoga. In this yoga class, I kept honoring all zodiac family around our festive table, or yoga class. "When one door closes another opens." This class which … Continue reading TGIF Yoga around our table.

New Year 2019, NEW YOU with Veronika

Give yourself the gift of 2019  INTENTION CIRCLE to start your Wellness Life in 2019 right. This workshop will amplify processes of self-inquiry, expanding your spiritual awareness and commitment to your ageless life with yoga.  All ages welcome. Yoga experience with Veronika would be beneficial. Over three workshop hours, and some self - reflection at … Continue reading New Year 2019, NEW YOU with Veronika

YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

In the middle of November, I feel like is it a good time to start thinking about how to finish this year strong with positive vibes. I have a habit recalling all “good and not so good” to reflect on the passing year from an observing point of view. Simple all "Jar of Gratitude, Detachment … Continue reading YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

Falling into you, FALL.

Calling all attention, Beyonce  stage walker! Your catwalk moment has arrived, thanks to the full moon in flamboyant Aries—which will light up the skies on Monday, September 24. Sashay! Shante! Werk! These fearless, forthright beams can make even the shyest human feel uncharacteristically bold. So what have you been working on for the past six … Continue reading Falling into you, FALL.