YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

In the middle of November, I feel like is it a good time to start thinking about how to finish this year strong with positive vibes. I have a habit recalling all “good and not so good” to reflect on the passing year from an observing point of view. Simple all "Jar of Gratitude, Detachment … Continue reading YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

Falling into you, FALL.

Calling all attention, Beyonce  stage walker! Your catwalk moment has arrived, thanks to the full moon in flamboyant Aries—which will light up the skies on Monday, September 24. Sashay! Shante! Werk! These fearless, forthright beams can make even the shyest human feel uncharacteristically bold. So what have you been working on for the past six … Continue reading Falling into you, FALL.

“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!”

“YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!” This sentence came to my mind driving my car to yoga studio early morning on September 9. This was a sleepy rainy morning, most people are still in bed and I was already on my mission. I was armed with my powerful mind, years of healing arts experience … Continue reading “YIN SANCTUARY was open for public viewing!”

ENTRY CODE is ready to claim your spot!

Free - sample class got a bar code now and you can reserve your spot to taste Therapeutic Yin and Mindfulness Yoga series for September 9, 2018 @ 9AM. Simply Call # 250 656 7055, or use online booking, code # 25336. How is Therapeutic Yin & Mindfulness made from? I combined three elements to … Continue reading ENTRY CODE is ready to claim your spot!

YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

I was asked by my yoga student " what is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness" while reading Panorama Fall Yoga offer and seeing my two new classes with these words in it. I sat and reflected on this topic using my experience and wisdom from the article written  by Kathryn Remati  .  So why … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

Full Moon: “Holy Molly that Dreams!”

On July 27, 2018, at 4:20PM EST, a blood moon total lunar eclipse in revolutionary Aquarius stirs up our righteous urge for freedom-fighting and sparking social change as our astrotwins shared with us. The Aquarius full moon of 2018 arrives as a catalyst for change, as the Earth passes between the bold Sun and la … Continue reading Full Moon: “Holy Molly that Dreams!”