TGIF Yoga 2019: Zodiac, Numerology and You.

Hello, everybody in 2019! I hope your Wellness Intention is almost done to be ready for our annual workshop Wellness Intention Circle on January 6, 2019, moreover, if yoga and meditation is your preferred wellness activity you can find my classes at Panorama Greenglade, or Oak Bay Monterey center. If you are curious about the … Continue reading TGIF Yoga 2019: Zodiac, Numerology and You.

TGIF Yoga around our table.

Holiday is time to gather around to celebrate the time of our life. Reading Debra Silverman words, I felt blessed to have one year privilege to teach TGIF Yoga. In this yoga class, I kept honoring all zodiac family around our festive table, or yoga class. "When one door closes another opens." This class which … Continue reading TGIF Yoga around our table.