URBAN RETREAT: “Is Springtime calling your name?”

Join us for an URBAN RETREAT with Veronika to celebrate aliveness in her life in this Veronika’s unique ‘yin and yang’ blend.  Gaia, Cosmos and You is a series of Living Art Retreats which will introduce you to a foundation for using natural elements in the Human Body for Self-Care. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether/ Space will guide our inner journey. You will integrate this wisdom to experience joy and ease in life, both on and off your yoga mat.

Five elements will give us five Urban Retreats – daytime intensives, in our local time, no visa or passport needed,  and we will start with EARTH.

  • When:  EARTH, Retreat 1 – March 22, 2019
  • Where: McTavish Art Academy, Sidney
  • Retreat fees: $ 120 per retreat
  • Where: MacTavish Art Academy, North Saanich
  • Presented by VERONIKA PRIELOZNA, MA, RYT 500, C-IEHP & friends
  • Registration: veronika@livingharmonyondemand.com



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Healing Arts Intensive – 6 hours of inner work with Veronika’s unique blend of natural science PowerPoint lectures, size and age-sensitive yoga, laughter, experimental moves, rituals in a relaxing atmosphere for your mindfulness moments. There will be a lunch break.


  • You get to sleep at home – no room and board required.
  • If you want you can bring a lunch, or food and refreshments are nearby.


  • Rich content of teaching: Healing Arts + Wellness/ Yoga + Rituals = Grounded Spirituality

PROS: the most affordable retreat (intensive) in the city, ​a shortcut on your inner journey, good step forward for yoga seekers who ​have never ever had a retreat (due to life commitments) but still have desire to explore;  prerequisite for ABROAD RETREAT 2019 – 2020

CONS: Once you return home, you might want more – ADDICTION to self-care via Healing Arts might occur, please be aware.

REGISTRATION AND INQUIRES veronika@livingharmonyondemand.com

earth, fire, water, air

It is transcendent work of unique insights into your Body and Soul.  Gaia, Cosmos and You is series of teaching/ healing circles that will help you to create your wellness roadmap based on Ayurvedic ancient knowledge.  During this self-healing process, you will be guided on your inner travel from one natural element to other in your body. From the Earth to the Sky – our journey will be navigated by five natural elements and polarity theory to become the one WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.


Once you will say “Yes” to your soul and do the work, you will start changing yourself from the inside out. Every circle will bring a missing soul wisdom and opportunity to grow and travel into higher altitudes. At the end, there will be time to celebrate the new you!


Traveling Lady Moon

Veronika is a Nurse, a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Yoga Teacher (500RYT) and she creates and facilitates many wellness programs. She keeps traveling the roads around the globe and experiencing many healing circles. In June 2012, Veronika obtained a Masters in Healing Arts and Wisdom studies from Wisdom University, San Francisco. The knowledge of this study and her yoga/ meditation teachings are implemented in all that she creates. She will take you on a simple journey with her smile, Eastern European accent, and gentle, soften -spoken inspirational words in no time.

“BON VOYAGE on your inner journey!

inner voyage

REGISTRATION AND INQUIRES veronika@livingharmonyondemand.com

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