YOGA: Super Blue, Blood Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse.

I was patiently waiting for January 31, 2018 “Super Blue, Blood Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse” comical event report, from my favorite astrologists; two ladies who read the sky as a road traveling maps for us. I, as a yoga teacher and lover of astrology, am going use this energy to build up two yoga … Continue reading YOGA: Super Blue, Blood Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse.


TACTILE VISUALIZING can help your yoga students to anchor their pranayama practice. I found this article that has many clues to do it effectively. I started introducing them in my yoga class and people found the clues very helpful. So, why not use them more often? Here are a few fresh, new visualizations for pranayama … Continue reading Yoga: MINDFULNESS, BREATH AND VISION.

FOOD – BASED DETOX PROGRAM, do not miss it!

TO ALL of us who want to lose weight and be happy, let me share my AM email from my ND that came as a friendly reminder of my 2018 Intention. EAT WELL to LIVE EVEN BETTER, in 2018! My Food-Based Detox Program is starting on Tuesday evening, January 23, 2018. There are still a few spots … Continue reading FOOD – BASED DETOX PROGRAM, do not miss it!


In my yoga class, I keep teaching my students a true meaning of this yoga greeting - NAMASTE. What does it means, and how to use it to keep its purity ? I found this article that will teach you more. Enjoy! Namaste its humble greeting hands The gesture (or mudra) of Namaste is a … Continue reading YOGA NAMASTE in our LIFE.

What Your Heart and Vagus Nerve Say to Each Other

My love for Vagus Nerve continues.

Yoga Lifestyle with Cristina

What an absolutely eye opening and fascinating conversation I was privileged to have today with               Dr Rollin McCraty who is the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the HeartMath Institute. He has written hundreds of papers on heart health, our emotions, the neurophysiology of the heart and brain, and what we can do to help ourselves be healthier both physically and emotionally.

Easy- How the heart and brain connect: We used to be told that a steady heart rate was a sign of good health, when in true fact it is quite opposite. We are now talking about Heart Rate Variability (HRV), where a resilient person’s heart rate changes with each beat. This is actually an easy sign of excellent health that measures the variation of time and space between the heart beats. They are small, but they are there…

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“May Forces Be With Us in 2018!”

Yesterday, I got home just before a mid-night for 2018 New Year Cheer; not from a party but from my nursing shift. Now, after sweet and long sleep, I am truly ready to face to my 2018 Forecast Destiny. I wonder how the year 2018 will be for me, my family and my yoga students. … Continue reading “May Forces Be With Us in 2018!”