SACRED CONTRACTS: Know Thyself first

Now when I adopted Caroline Myss belief to agree to the terms of a Soul Contract before entering the physical realm of this world, I started to see my life from a bird’s perspective and searched for pivotal moments in my life.  This applies whether we accept the concept of reincarnation, or believe in a … Continue reading SACRED CONTRACTS: Know Thyself first

YOGA: Meditation 911

I just completed my Meditation training and came home with full mind of new things to activate for my process of observing without judgment. Here is all in a brief summary: METACOGNITION It means thinking about thinking, knowing about knowing, or becoming aware of your awareness. It is essentially the act of putting your attention … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation 911


The Year of the Earth Dog, based on the Chinese calendar, begins this year on Feb. 16th, 2018 with celebrations, fireworks, parades, and the beginning of up to two weeks of observances, family reunions, and blessing ceremonies. The Year of the Earth Dog is when magic can happen in all aspects of our lives, so … Continue reading HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH EARTH DOG 2018 IN YOU?

YOGA: Guna, a human body and energy flow.

In the philosophy of Yoga, all matter in the universe arises from the fundamental substrate called Prakriti. From this ethereal Prakriti the three primary gunas (qualities) emerge creating the essential aspects of all nature—energy, matter and consciousness. What is a Guna? Simple said it is an energy in different qualities presented in a human body. … Continue reading YOGA: Guna, a human body and energy flow.