YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

I was asked by my yoga student " what is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness" while reading Panorama Fall Yoga offer and seeing my two new classes with these words in it. I sat and reflected on this topic using my experience and wisdom from the article written  by Kathryn Remati  .  So why … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

YOGA: HOW can you become happier and healthier?

A year from today will you be happier, healthier and more peaceful than you are now? If you meditate, as per Dr. Chopra, then the answer is YES! I listened to my yoga students’ worries and concerns, and then,  I created my new therapeutic program MEDITATION 911 that holds a seed for better future for … Continue reading YOGA: HOW can you become happier and healthier?

Full Moon: “Holy Molly that Dreams!”

On July 27, 2018, at 4:20PM EST, a blood moon total lunar eclipse in revolutionary Aquarius stirs up our righteous urge for freedom-fighting and sparking social change as our astrotwins shared with us. The Aquarius full moon of 2018 arrives as a catalyst for change, as the Earth passes between the bold Sun and la … Continue reading Full Moon: “Holy Molly that Dreams!”

Yoga & Zodiac: LEO roars his love!

After an introspective four weeks during under-the-radar Cancer season, suddenly all the world’s a talent show as the live-out-loud Lion takes center stage on July 22. Ready or not, all eyes are on Lion and we will learn his magic of ruling and playing at same time. Here are some tips how to do it … Continue reading Yoga & Zodiac: LEO roars his love!

YOGA RETREAT 2019: Will you come “yes, no or maybe?”

"When a Student Is Ready, a Teacher Will Appear!” this is a well-known quote from Buddha Siddhartha. For me, wisdom I have drawn from it is “all is about God’s timing, not yours! “ Let me share the recent story of my life that has some wisdom seeds of this quote. Just lately, after my … Continue reading YOGA RETREAT 2019: Will you come “yes, no or maybe?”