YOGA RETREAT 2019: Will you come “yes, no or maybe?”

“When a Student Is Ready, a Teacher Will Appear!” this is a well-known quote from Buddha Siddhartha. For me, wisdom I have drawn from it is “all is about God’s timing, not yours! “ Let me share the recent story of my life that has some wisdom seeds of this quote. Just lately, after my Bali Yoga travel, two yoga participants came asking “Veronika, can you make Yoga retreat for us? What an unusual request! Usually it is a yoga teacher who asks students to come for a retreat, not other way around! (Smile)

To start my story, you must know that retreat study is not new to me; I spent six years of study in a retreat setting traveling all over the world.  As much as I know how to travel well, holding a retreat is new to me. Therefore, I replied “You do all the logistics, and I will do teaching, how does it sound for you?” and laughter followed.

Driving home from the studio, I started asking myself many questions to assess this interaction to see “who placed the question on the lips of my students.”  Is there any hidden message behind this ? In my inner dialogue, I heard a simple sentence: “When a Teacher Is Ready, Students follow!” This is a how my first retreat found me on the spot, ready or not, I was asked to follow this guidance.


In a yoga school, you learn how to guide yoga class, but the business aspect of yoga teaching is not part of a basic training; you are on your own. Therefore, I stretched out for assistance to my yoga friends who shared their professional experience with me. I spent some time in the process of preliminary place reviews, upfront analysis, knowing my market/audience, a pitfall to avoid and at the end; I created two retreat offerings for spring 2019. Step one was checked off!


Because it came from my students, all will be created for my students, their friends, and family. I answered I do know them. “Do you know if they will register and pay for your retreat? I didn’t know the right answer. She said, “go back to them and know them well!” I was awakened to reality of now!

“People expect the product or service you sell to be exactly what they’re looking for and feel almost as if they were specifically designed for them.” (Ask method masterclass)

And here I am on my mission to “ASK MY CLIENTS” to read, feel and choose one of my presented retreats, if desired.  (With no commitments ) To get more clarity and focus in building my final retreat offer. Feel free to share your desire with me “dream retreat to go” or “challenges you face that might hold you back.”

Retreat with Veronika’s Yoga and Healing Arts, 2019

Retreat description:

Not only Millennials but Baby Boomers as well deserve to have a retreat to deepen their “downward dog practice” and life balance. With age and shape sensitive yoga approach and healing arts your body and mind will be reconnected again. The retreat includes natural science lecture in PP (PowerPoint), rituals, smart yoga adjustments, the power of the heart to heart yoga community, and Veronika’s endless creative energy of youth fountain. Come to join us – Your spirit will thrive again!


 RETREAT BENEFITS – “WHY SHOULD I GO to a yoga retreat?”

  1. You will take your yoga to a new level by connecting all the missing parts of you
  2. You will get a new perspective and see your life via new eyes
  3. You will meditate upon your breath
  4. You will detox yourself from daily stressors
  5. You will start listening to the message from inside
  6. You will enjoy organic food, and your life will get a new upgrade
  7. You will meet your new yoga mat friends
  8. You will become a part of something bigger than you alone
  9. You will appreciate your home upon arrival
  10. You will learn how self-love and self-care are significant for your well being


SPIRITUAL JOURNEY to India, Bali or Mexico

November – December, 2019

  • 1-2 weeks stay ( depends on a country of destination)
  • all accommodation double occupancy, single room additional fee
  • 3 meals per day in Ashram/ Hotel 3 stars/ Retreat Center
  • Airport transfer to place of destination will be arranged for a group
  • Group excursion with gratitude in 2 weeks stay
  • Travel information session ( packing, cultural info, travel medicine advice, etc)
  • Smart advice with flight or tourist visa, if required
  • High content of teaching: Yoga = Healing Arts = local Cultural Events

CONS: unparalleled firsthand experience of new country, culture, spirituality, experience of east yoga philosophy, healing, spa therapies, food, spices and traditional costume, allowing be in a vortex of life, safe travel – guided by experienced guides in a small group.

PROS: have enough time and money to invest into your inner work, being healthy enough to make journey, being flexible in mind knowing journey obstacles might arise; early commitment and deposit

Estimate Retreat Cost: $ 870/ wk * for India + air ticket / travel documents




  • 2 nights stay – weekend
  • Accommodation + food/ drinks provided from retreat center
  • Carpooling options
  • If needed, still commute option offered
  • High content of teaching: Yoga + Healing Arts + Rituals

PROS: still affordable – no needs for ferry, air travel, travel insurance – with options to keep cost down: shared transportation, or room; 100% natural support – organic food, spirit of freedom in retreat setting “heart to heart” community in action: sitting around fire, songs, laughter, unbeaten teaching in an action of yoga and healing arts

CONS: to commit to yourself and your self-development early to pay your deposit (non-refundable policy from retreat centers), must focus and organize your life to make the journey! Stick to promise to yourself – No excuses!

Estimate Retreat Cost: $ 299* TUITION + retreat stay fees for 2 nights + road travel

retreat 3 058


CITY RETREAT Victoria and surrounding area

  • Friday evening to Sunday lunch time
  • Yoga and Healing Arts Intensive – 12 hours lecture in combination of: Power Point natural science, yoga, experimental moves, rituals and fun just between
  • Sleeping at home,; no room and board required
  • Bring a lunch, potluck ?, tea and coffee provided
  • Carpooling options
  • High content of teaching: Yoga + Healing Arts + Rituals

PROS: the most affordable, good step forward for yoga seekers who never ever had a retreat (due to life commitments) but still have desire to explore, short distance travel

CONS: driving in and out, must be under own check with transportation, family arrangements, food, drinks, returning back to class on time High level of flexibility and balancing act (home and retreat) required.

Estimate Retreat Cost$299* TUITION Tuition taxis included + city travel


To conclude let me ”ring a bow”

Once, my yoga student shared with me her insights about how my Tibetan bow ritual, at the beginning of each class, affects her. Claudia said: “Once you hit the bow, its sound penetrates my soul. It is like I was hearing a church bell calling my name; I need to drop all and follow the sound, to go home (to my soul) and practice yoga with you. I love that sound!


Please let me know your thoughts below – no commitments. I’m interested in your feedback. Thank you!

Retreat 1 – does this interest you?

Your feedback why or why not :


Retreat 2 – does this interest you?

Your feedback why or why not:


Retreat 3 – does this interest you?

Your feedback why or why not


Thank you, all of you, for helping me sharing your insights, so I can come with all missing details to complete my final product: “Yoga Retreat that you are always dreams about in affordable price for all of us, no matter age of shape!” Namaste

I can be reached at, or in yoga classes, I will pass around my questioner.


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