Winter cooking for your soul and body.

In the time of staying home due to Covid precaution,  in my memories I I returned to our grandma’s kitchen time. It was time when all family was running around waiting until the mother’s call: “Everybody to the table!” I remember all hungry eyes around the table filling their belly until it feels so good. … Continue reading Winter cooking for your soul and body.

The AYODYA’s story: Shinta and My Inner Journey.

Following in the spirit of “Eat, Pray and Love,” where the book was read, and the movies were viewed, we came to Bali with big hope. This Bali travel project, 2018, held many promises for my husband and I. We chose The Ayodya Resort for our Bali stay.  I was amazed by the youtube video. Its … Continue reading The AYODYA’s story: Shinta and My Inner Journey.

YOGA: Meditation and LOVE

It is a spring time and air elements is felt in the air. I my classes, I always welcome seasonal changes that gave us opportunity to 'close and open' us to a new element and its vibration in our life. Meditation in a micro form is part of my yoga classes that everybody love it … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation and LOVE


It was The Beatles that traveled to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought MEDITATION awareness to the west. Nowadays, meditation and mindfulness giving us tools how TO SLOW DOWN our busy minds and lives to know more about our real SELF. Bringing your Self back into your life is the greatest gift … Continue reading YOGA: MEDITATION 911

SACRED CONTRACTS: Know Thyself first

Now when I adopted Caroline Myss belief to agree to the terms of a Soul Contract before entering the physical realm of this world, I started to see my life from a bird’s perspective and searched for pivotal moments in my life.  This applies whether we accept the concept of reincarnation, or believe in a … Continue reading SACRED CONTRACTS: Know Thyself first

2018 YOGA Mantra for PEACE.

My 2018 Yoga Teaching Intention is to integrate more yoga elements into my teaching. I will let my yoga students experience that yoga is not only headstands and wearing yoga pants on fancy yoga mats; it is more deep and beautiful. A special post today with this ‘homemade’ montage  created for the mantra “Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu”, … Continue reading 2018 YOGA Mantra for PEACE.