FUNCTIONAL YOGA: Teaching Notes to Self.

No matter what life throws your way, always come to class with a sense of togetherness and a joyful heart – this is your power girl!”

Community yoga learning allowing people to grow together towards same goal. But a yoga community quickly becomes much more than physical exercises only, it can touch people by in multiple ways. As a facilitator of my yoga self – mastery, I keep learning from each student and each series done in-person setting.

For next time, just remember:

Adjust program based on past and present experience, just on the spot

Honestly, I always do my series prep work in detail envisioning my active 60+ yoga audience but for this program, this time, I missed the mark on age group – my prep time was fruitless.

Once I looked around my first class, meeting people asking them to fill up intake forms, I knew I needed to go deeper into my wisdom reservoir to create different flow on the spot. 

Surprise! My class description attracted a much younger and more active ‘eager’ population to learn yoga.

My group was picked up by the Universe from ages of 50+, all women with some yoga experience and some challenges that were shared among us naturally.

REMEMBER: When in doubts, start with what you know the best: breathing, gentle movement and chanting. ” Ohm” will guide your way out!”

Once our class was open, I let them talk and I spoke last. In a playful way, I recognized them via natural elements, nature in us, and zodiac signs theory – my secret tool of wisdom.

Once I helped them to lay foundation / groundwork/ so they could feel safe and welcome in the ‘yoga home’, all was stirred in a good direction.   

Listen to students using more that your ears

When I saw they started reaching out to each other, asking for their name, giggling on the way out – I knew we set a stepping stone on our journey forward. 

Nevertheless, of all happenings, my challenge of how to facilitate desirable changes for this special group was fully on.

REMEMBER: listen to  your guts and  ‘gaps’ in between the words while speaking – truth rises on breath.

Interactive classes and balancing workload with a personalized focus

You can’t take a register/ private class with me and not learn how to breathe at least one breath pattern for calming and one pattern to awake you.

My students know my passion for the life force that runs on our breath, so I encouraged them to know their own desire and passion for life.

They learned from many limbs of yoga, how to self – assess and how to activate self-regulation.

All was transparent, we witnessed our practice, we inspired each other and asked questions just on the spot. 

We worked, laughed together before the ‘yoga bliss’ came over to conclude our practice.

REMEMBER: know people not only by their names but also by their natural elements and passions, then figure out the right way to interact.

What Functional Yoga brought to your life?

Participants shared….

A full night sleep with no pain and no pills taken for a person who suffers daily

A moment of positive view to life with insecurities and worries

A moment of hope to keep my joints well despite of my family predisposition

A moment of belonging to a community of wellness minded people

A moment of enhanced Proprioception compromised my illnesses.

 At the end of this 6 weeks therapeutic yoga series, just remember this:

It is not about 

how much energy/ time you put in a process of building a class, or organizing promotion and marketing. It doesn’t truly matter if your chairs are aligned with mats and if you demonstrate all details and clues.

It is not important,

if you called yourself a therapeutic yoga teacher or yoga therapist,

 but it is only about how much you are aligned in the present moment

and how much you allow yourself to be transformed by Yoga practices,

so real-life evidence can be noticed in the shapes of yours and your students’ life.

Here I am witnessing my own process and the processess of my yoga students.

In my full awareness as a ‘tough marker’ I can say we hit top marks in my yoga teaching book.

I smiled now, no matter covid time madness that want us destroy, yoga magic is still alive! Ho!

I know that FUNCTIONAL YOGA: Body, Brain and Beyond left a permanent imprint on us all.

Certified Yoga Therapist

“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss,
you will land among the stars.
~Norman Vincent Peale~

 See you in our in New Year 2022 class, soon!

Your winter 2022 class starts by clicking HERE .

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