FOOD – BASED DETOX PROGRAM, do not miss it!

TO ALL of us who want to lose weight and be happy, let me share my AM email from my ND that came as a friendly reminder of my 2018 Intention. EAT WELL to LIVE EVEN BETTER, in 2018! My Food-Based Detox Program is starting on Tuesday evening, January 23, 2018. There are still a few spots … Continue reading FOOD – BASED DETOX PROGRAM, do not miss it!

“May Forces Be With Us in 2018!”

Yesterday, I got home just before a mid-night for 2018 New Year Cheer; not from a party but from my nursing shift. Now, after sweet and long sleep, I am truly ready to face to my 2018 Forecast Destiny. I wonder how the year 2018 will be for me, my family and my yoga students. … Continue reading “May Forces Be With Us in 2018!”

2018 YOGA Mantra for PEACE.

My 2018 Yoga Teaching Intention is to integrate more yoga elements into my teaching. I will let my yoga students experience that yoga is not only headstands and wearing yoga pants on fancy yoga mats; it is more deep and beautiful. A special post today with this ‘homemade’ montage  created for the mantra “Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu”, … Continue reading 2018 YOGA Mantra for PEACE.

2018 NEW YEAR parties, YOU and YOGA.

I am back to my favorite Astro twins Ladies   asking for the prediction about how we will celebrate crossing  a threshold from 2017 to the brand new year of 2018? In 2018 NEW YEAR parties, YOU and YOGA article find your zodiac below first, to see your celebration moves, and then, post-party yoga recovery pose afterward … Continue reading 2018 NEW YEAR parties, YOU and YOGA.

YOGA, SNOW and magic in YOU.

No matter weather conditions, yoga can warm you up to get you ready for Christmas Cheers and detach with all that needs to go away, so you are ready for 2018! Enjoy this beautiful video from Jasper, AB Canada. Thank you for this video goes to: