2018 NEW YEAR parties, YOU and YOGA.

I am back to my favorite Astro twins Ladies   asking for the prediction about how we will celebrate crossing  a threshold from 2017 to the brand new year of 2018? In 2018 NEW YEAR parties, YOU and YOGA article find your zodiac below first, to see your celebration moves, and then, post-party yoga recovery pose afterward to re-balance all at the end. Have fun and PF’ 2018!

ARIES: Keep the agenda loose

Who says overpriced tickets are de rigueur on NYE? All weekend long, the moon glimmers in Gemini and your “let your hair down” third house. If you’re going to splurge, use your coin for haute cuisine, then work off the meal with some raucous dancing or karaoke. And while you might start off the night with a smaller guest list, you won’t end it that way. All the more reason to pick a location without a huge cover charge: you can just tell friends who are bored with the stuffy, overpriced shindigs to come on over and join the fun. A spontaneous midnight kiss may be in the offing—and it might come from someone in the friend zone! Don’t read into it too much. This weekend is all about keeping things light and free.

Yoga recovery: Sun sign yoga for an Aries would include Virabhadrasana, Warrior Pose, in all variations.

TAURUS: Take charge of plans

Did you offer to take charge of NYE celebrations? With the moon in Gemini and your systematic second house, you’re in your element as the responsible Taurus—and ready to plan out an elegant celebration. But this role can also be overwhelming! To avoid an influx of calls from people wanting every detail spelled out (for the fifth time), deploy some life-hacks. Use a text-based invite app (like Hobnob) so everyone can look up directions, dress code and cover charge—without bugging you! Steer clear of complicated plans, and don’t invite the needy people out of pity. You’ll want to mix and mingle unencumbered, not handheld. Well, unless it’s with your date or a sexy stranger you meet under this evening’s sensual stars.

Yoga recovery: A great yoga pose for the sun sign Taurus is Vrksasana, commonly known as Tree Pose.

 2018 – YIN & YANG YEAR – when TWO will become ONE – is about to start!


tango legs

GEMINI: It’s all about you 
Who needs fireworks this NYE? With the moon glowing in Gemini all weekend, you’re lighting up the soiree circuit like a show of colorful starbursts. Feel free to take charge of planning the festivities, but make it clear to your friends that you’ll be acting as a free agent. There are so many parties and so little time, and you’re not about to miss any chandelier-swinging moments because you’re worried about “abandoning” people. Tap out and move on as you wish. Who knows? The crew can meet up with you later. In the meantime, talking to strangers could bring some surprisingly enchanted moments.

Yoga recovery: Because Gemini’s tend to hold tension in their shoulders, poses like Plow (Halasana) and Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana) will help to loosen the shoulders and help you sleep better.

CANCER: Release the past 
You’ve got more to say goodbye to than just 2017. This weekend, as the Gemini moon shifts into your twelfth house of endings and healing, a window opens, helping you release something substantial. Forgiving and forgetting is not easy for your sensitive sign, but what do you gain from hanging on to that grudge? Refusing to release it may be preventing you from moving forward, Cancer. Take a bit of time before jumping in on the festivities to make a “Letting Go List”: all the things you will release at the stroke of midnight. Under these soulful stars, a candlelight meditation or sacred ceremony could be the perfect pre-game to dancing until dawn. You’ll start 2018 with a lighter load—and some major inspiration—thanks to the full moon in Cancer on Monday, January 1!

Yoga recovery: The Sun Sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and therefore the yoga pose, half moon or Ardha Chandrasana, will resonate on a deep level for Cancers.

LEO: The more the merrier
With the Gemini moon twerking in your gregarious eleventh house all weekend, you’re like the Pied Piper of the NYE festivities—and if you’re not careful, your party size could swell to the point that it’s hard to wedge everyone into the same venue! Be open to a couple of last-minute guests and tagalongs all the same. The wild cards could be the ones who totally make the night. Just make sure you don’t get stuck with any high-maintenance friends who can’t handle themselves independently at a party. You’ll be kicking off your heels as 2018 approaches and grooving to the middle of the dance floor to cut loose, Leo-style (translation: no inhibitions and some crowd-pleasing moves). Social babysitting will be the LAST thing on your mind!

Yoga recovery: Leo is ruled by the Sun so your task in life is to let your light shine! Sun Salutations are the perfect sequence of postures for you to start.

VIRGO: VIP-list vibes
Transfer extra funds into your entertainment account, Virgo. With the moon holding court in your elite tenth house all weekend, this is a NYE worthy of a splurge. Make a whole event out of prepping: get your hair blown out and give a nail artist creative license on your digits. And yeah, we know those VIP tickets are expensive, but under this elite cosmic influence, you’ll be happiest hobnobbing with the influencers. (Of course, there’s always a possibility one of your well-connected friends will put you on the comp list…) Spring for a driver so you’re not left shivering in the cold or limited in your wardrobe choices by the weather! Start with dinner, even a black-tie affair, and don’t forget to Instagram every leg of the journey. Hey, when you look THIS good, Virgo, you might as well werk, right?

Yoga recovery: Due to their overactive nervous system the best postures for Virgos are going to be of the restorative nature, such as Viparita karani, Legs up the wall pose.

LIBRA: Step out of the ordinary
Ready to do something unconventional for NYE? As a freethinking Libra, you’re no stranger to that road less traveled by. This weekend, the moon shifts into your spiritual ninth house, possibly drawing your attention to the metaphysical. You could be inspired to participate in a candlelit meditation ceremony focused on world peace, or perhaps host a gratitude ritual with friends before you shimmy into your velvet gown. Even if you find yourself with a champagne flute in hand at midnight, your conversations are bound to be deep and free of small talk. Bonus points if they take place somewhere outside of your home zip code. Set up those fare alerts on Saturday and keep a small bag packed, just in case!

Yoga recovery: A wonderfully balancing yoga practice for Libras would include a breathing exercise called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.

SCORPIO: Intimate moments 
Ironic sequined ball gown or borrowed-from-the-boys tuxedo? Whatever you don this weekend, don’t be afraid to show your sartorial flair. (And feel free to post that #thirsttrap photo once you’re wardrobe’d and styled.) With the moon glimmering in Gemini and your seductive eighth house, intimacy is on the menu as 2017 wraps. Already have plans to ring in the New Year with a group of people? Reserve a bit of time before you head out for some one-on-one with your lover or BFF. Unattached? Your allure is irresistible under this lunar light, so remain open to those mystery midnight snoggers. A sexy stranger could woo you—or the object of your affections could reveal a mutual attraction. Already have a permanent plus-one? You could start planning your next big adventure as the confetti rains down.

Yoga recovery: A great yoga pose for Scorpio would be Ustrasana, or Camel pose. Camel will absorb the Scorpio energy through back bending while stretching and toning the abdominal muscles.

SAGITTARIUS: In good company
Reserve your NYE for that one special someone, Sagittarius—or just be open to meeting a person who fits the bill. The stage is set for romantic bonding as the Gemini moon flows through your partnership sector all weekend. Be it a black-tie affair or a live DJ set, this lunar light can help deepen your bond with your mate as you ring in 2018. You might even keep the party size to two—or four, should you double date with another couple—and cozy up for a night of close connection. Unattached? Steer clear of Ryan Seacrest, and go brave the throngs. You could end up locking lips with someone who’ll keep you warm during the cold of winter.

Yoga recovery: As Sag is ruled by the hips and thighs, Trikonasana, Triangle Pose would help facilitate a nice stretch in the hamstrings, and activate the hips and thighs as well as the spine.

CAPRICORN: Setting goals 
It’s intention-setting time! This weekend, the moon moves into your sixth house of healthy habits, urging you to get clear on your New Year’s resolutions. Before uncorking the Veuve, write down the top five goals you want to realize in 2018. If getting in shape is a priority, renew your gym membership or buy a month-long trial at that new yoga studio. Display your list in a prominent place to remind you to do at least one thing every day to help tick all those boxes. As for your celebration? With this service-oriented lunar energy, you might be cool with playing wingwoman, entertainment director or designated driver instead of dancing on the tabletops. Just don’t overburden yourself with responsibility—you deserve a celebration too.

Yoga recovery: Capricorns are so rational, logical and clear headed that getting them to open up emotionally can prove to be quite the challenge. A great yoga pose for this Earth sign would be King Pigeon Pose.

AQUARIUS: Glamorous fun
Thought you’d just stay in and celebrate in your silk pajamas? Think again, Aquarius. This weekend, the moon moves out of your domestic sector and on to your outré fifth house. Splurge on an Instagram-worthy outfit—and maybe a glamorous up-do and professionally applied smoky eye. Start off with dinner or a smaller pre-party to bond with your fellow revelers. You might not see them much once you hit the main event, oh popular one. Cupid could wing in as mystery guest of the night. Try to stand still long enough (or dance in one spot long enough) so that a thirst-inducing midnight snogger can attempt to woo you! If you’re staying in, set up a game station or rent a karaoke machine to make the most of this playful lunar energy.

Yoga recovery: Preferred yoga poses for Aquarius would include Bridge Pose, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, as Aquarius is a bridge from old to new.

PISCES: Feeling sentimental
Nostalgic New Year, anyone? This weekend, the moon shifts into Gemini and your soulful, sentimental fourth house, so usher in 2018 with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re heading out on the town or watching the ball drop from the living room, cozy up with your inner circle. Chances are, you’ll prefer an intimate evening in, perfect for carrying on family traditions—or dreaming up new ones. Along with the memory-drenched Spotify playlist, you could organize a collective vision board, slideshow of 2017 highlights, or even prepare one of your legendary dinners. Coupled Pisces should call it a night after the first toast of the year—but the fireworks will continue behind closed doors, especially when you wake up to a romantic full moon on January 1.

Yoga recovery: Piscean energy is a healing, compassionate and sensitive energy. Yoga for Pisces looks like Fish Pose, Matsyasana, when if practiced in water, enables you to float in the depths of the Piscean energy.

Lady moon profileThe post was curated by Veronika Prielozna and her love for yoga astrology from above to below.

See more what kind of a travel course she is going to take with her yoga students traveling on a magical carper/ yoga mat in 2018.


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