Yoga Travel: “Catching up on YOGA Life in Bali, 2018!”

Hello, my yoga friends: Yesterday  I closed the door on our yoga studios; I took a moment expressing my gratitude for all what I experienced here during my yoga teaching. The time came, and I felt a wind blow from the East calling my name, I must travel again. Very soon, your yoga teacher will … Continue reading Yoga Travel: “Catching up on YOGA Life in Bali, 2018!”

Becoming your Life Observer.

CAROLINE MYSS is one of my teachers of Healing Arts; she is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Enjoy her talk how to make a choice. Learn from her how to listen … Continue reading Becoming your Life Observer.

YOGA: Grounding your feet “soul”.

Did you notice “sole” and “soul” sounds the same in English? It really bring your awareness to grounding with your feet to Earth Energy . I keep using this in my Yoga and Energy healing a lot to help people to set up a foundation for their own self-healing. Therefore,  be aware of the Souls … Continue reading YOGA: Grounding your feet “soul”.

International Women’s Day 2018: BEING A WOMAN IS MAGICAL

Happy International Women's Day 2018 to all us everywhere! Let me share beautiful post from that speaks clearly how we women were born in zodiac signs that make us so unique in beauty, wisdom and power. How are YOU, a Woman under the Moon? Enjoy knowing yourself from inside out. Yesterday, we completed our … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2018: BEING A WOMAN IS MAGICAL


It was The Beatles that traveled to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought MEDITATION awareness to the west. Nowadays, meditation and mindfulness giving us tools how TO SLOW DOWN our busy minds and lives to know more about our real SELF. Bringing your Self back into your life is the greatest gift … Continue reading YOGA: MEDITATION 911

Hello MARCH and its Full Moon!

WELCOME MARCH and its Full Moon that is coming on March 1, 2018, in the sign of Virgo. Here comes monthly forecast how Virgo cleanup time can help us to integrate all into new life ahead. As my favorite Astro ladies share purifying Virgo energy will set a tone for new life to come, if you … Continue reading Hello MARCH and its Full Moon!