YOGA: Grounding your feet “soul”.

Did you notice “sole” and “soul” sounds the same in English? It really bring your awareness to grounding with your feet to Earth Energy . I keep using this in my Yoga and Energy healing a lot to help people to set up a foundation for their own self-healing. Therefore,  be aware of the Souls of your feet as this could actually have massive vital impact on your health and quality of well- being.

Every Step Connects You With Mother Earth Energy.


In the middle of the soles of your feet, you have chakras. Very important energy centres that connect you to the vital energy field of the planet, that ground you, link you up, connect to this macro battery of life force.

“Your feet hold your Soul, anchor your Soul, connect and link your Soul to the biggest and closest source of vital energy around: Mother Earth.”


  1. Exhaustion
  2. Strong reaction to electro-magnetic pollution
  3.  Over – Dwelling in  a mental  stage/ cycle of your thoughts
  4.  Clumsiness, not holding clear boundaries with others,
  5.  General sense of disconnection with others – depression, anxiety
  6. Wearing shoes or high heels, all the timefeet and tattos


When sitting, from time to time, bring your awareness to your feet, both flat on the ground and pay attention to how they feel. Imagine growing roots of Light coming of the soles of your feet and exactly like the ones of a tree, plunge them deep into the ground. Pass concrete, tarmac, flooring, all the way to the rich soil, passed rocks all the way down to the super powerful and warm, red magma.


  1. INTENTION CREATES. Your imagination creates. Yes, you are creating for yourself a strong connection that has been weakened by modern life style and allowing those earth energies to be connected to you again through your body and up your body (but this is another blog post).
  2. YOGA BREATH IN A MOUNTAIN POSE:  in and up some of the warmth and power from the red magma. Feel how a tree is rooted both strongly and with flexibility.
  3. WEAR RED SOCKS or red shoes from time to time. Red is a nourishing and grounding colour. Bringing awareness through the bright colour to your feet. Red like the magma…
  4. Drop your high heels, open to red magma to flow!
  5. WALK BAREFOOT indoors and outdoors as often as possible.
  6. In bed, more your toes and feel your entire body, from head to toes, pay some time FEELING the extremities of your bodies, way far away from your head and mind (always too full and busy!) …
  7. GENTLY MASSAGE the area right in the middle of the sole of your feet, there, where the Soul of your feet resides!

Say Hello to your Sole/ Soul daily and Yoga DANCE!


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