Yoga Travel: “Catching up on YOGA Life in Bali, 2018!”

Hello, my yoga friends:

Yesterday  I closed the door on our yoga studios; I took a moment expressing my gratitude for all what I experienced here during my yoga teaching. The time came, and I felt a wind blow from the East calling my name, I must travel again.

Very soon, your yoga teacher will turn into Traveling Lady Moon traveling on her soul exploration journey. Following in the spirit of “Eat, Pray, Love,” where the book was read, and the movie was viewed, (Europe and India already covered) only Bali is left. My Bali traveling project holds many promises for me, as a Registered Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Alliance, Travel Writer and all of the people involved.

Traveling Lady Moon 1

I intend to experience yoga life from prominent Bali yoga centers. After feeling their yoga flow, I will share my rich insights, using a multi-level e-format (eBook/ short video/ clips) with all of you “yoga life catchers” who might come after me. Smile!

On my walk, I will gather materials to help us, “Healthy Baby Boomers,” who are still hungry to enhance their lives with “inner or outer travels.” If you feel like following my travel journey “Catching up on YOGA Life in Bali, 2018!” and being there with me, experience all my travel highs and lows, simple click on FOLLOW this blog here.

Before I will say “Good Bye to Canada and Hello to Indonesia“, I will list my Summer and Fall registered classes, on the top of our Friday’s drop in classes.

“Bo Voyage and keep me in your prayers!”

Yours, Veronika

SUMMER 2018: Candlelight Yoga – Yin & Healing Arts

Circle sharing in Yin class with Veronika

It is Wednesday night – “Hump day” – a perfect time for your full self-care experience. Enjoy the warm glow of candles, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere while utilizing many props to encourage deep tissue and fascia to release.  Practice gentle movement, restorative poses, and yin with extra special self-healing touch incorporated for whole-body healing. Everything we do in class arises from and returns to the ground of kindness, honesty, and letting go. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Wed     Jul 18-Aug 22      7:00-8:00pm       6/ $90   Code: 17433


Call +1 250-656-7055

Candlelight Yin & Healing Art with Veronika



MEDITATION is an ancient, scientific, non-religious practice that trains your mind to become positive, peaceful, stress-free and powerful. Using a simple body flow technique, sound and focused breath you can build the brain and mind you want. If you are ready to commit to daily repetition, learning by doing and reflecting on your journey, this class will guide your way. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Previous yoga experience with Veronika is beneficial but not required.

FRIDAY 10:45AM – 11:30, registered class


In this “therapeutic YOGA” class participants will hold postures for 3-5 min, using many props and with a guided meditation at the end. On our inner journey via chakras, we will bring the ultimate restoration of your body/ mind flexibility, intuitiveness and overall healing.

SUNDAY 09:00AM to 10:00, registered class

KING ARTHUR in Yin class with Veronika

Personal note:

Thank you all my “Yin – kees” models from yin class for sharing their graceful beauty through these pictures. ( Pics were taken with permission).

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