Yoga: April 2018 “Get to Higher Ground!”

WELCOME TO APRIL, all with a passion for yoga and astrology! Here came Astrology 911 Warning from Astro twins who are sending us like tsunami warming “Get to Higher Ground!” we rather listen to their saying now: “Plant those hooves on terra firm, but be mindful of how far you dig them in. The "horned" … Continue reading Yoga: April 2018 “Get to Higher Ground!”

YOGA: Full Moon and Aries

Happy Full Moon Greetings: I have a passion for astrology and all my students know that each zodiac sign is recognized and honored in our yoga circle. So let us use joyful expression from Debra Silverman who share her wisdom about upcoming Full Moon on March 31, 2018.  It will time time when the Sun … Continue reading YOGA: Full Moon and Aries

YOGA: Meditation and LOVE

It is a spring time and air elements is felt in the air. I my classes, I always welcome seasonal changes that gave us opportunity to 'close and open' us to a new element and its vibration in our life. Meditation in a micro form is part of my yoga classes that everybody love it … Continue reading YOGA: Meditation and LOVE

YOGA: Spring Body Cleansing – Liver, first!

Can you feel a new life in the air? Spring will arrive in any days and  springtime is  a natural time for growth, renewal and regeneration. At this time of year, all holistic practitioners recommend their patients undergo a week long fast to clean the blood and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, today during our yoga … Continue reading YOGA: Spring Body Cleansing – Liver, first!

YOGA: Five Koshas are five friends around you.

Just Imagine for a moment that five friends of you are in line to meet your favorite celebrity. The celebrity greets friend A, who happily geeks out and then is content after the encounter. Next, friend B gets celebrity time and immediately has to sit down to calm their nerves after the excitement but is … Continue reading YOGA: Five Koshas are five friends around you.