YOGA: Full Moon and Aries

Happy Full Moon Greetings:

I have a passion for astrology and all my students know that each zodiac sign is recognized and honored in our yoga circle. So let us use joyful expression from Debra Silverman who share her wisdom about upcoming Full Moon on March 31, 2018.  It will time time when the Sun is in Aries, and the Moon in Libra.

Debra shared: “Any big fat moon hanging out there always requires an opposition from the Sun — why? Because in order to look good, we always need contrast to stand out and be noticed.”

How we love big fat moons? Yep? More poems and songs have been written to the moon than any other romantic symbol. This full moon is poetic. These opposing energies are stronger than ever.

 The Sun is in Aries:

“I am independent, I’ll do things my way. I relish in the freedom to push edges, to start things anew and do not have to finish when it gets boring.”

 Aries are allowed to change whenever spirit inspires them: they are the kids of the zodiac. Think springtime bursting out with excitement… spring break, time out for FUN. ( I ACTUALLY FEEL IT IN MY BONES, MOVE ME TO TRAVEL MODE AGAIN.)


I saw a film that made me think about Aries. It was about a fascinating character, a surfer named Laird Hamilton (GREAT FILM called Take Every Wave). Laird is known to ride the biggest waves in the world. I watched the film and just kept thinking: he must have some Aries; what a maverick he is. Of course I went home and looked up this chart. (Did you know that you can Google anyone famous’s chart?)

I was right — he has Jupiter and Venus in Aries. However, his Sun, Moon and Rising were ALL in water signs. No surprise he is one with the water. Pisces, moon in Scorpio, rising Cancer.

Back to the sign of the day:

Who are Aries?

They is that part in all of us that want to stand out.

Its opposite sign is Libra. The sweetest sign in the zodiac (most of the time).

Libra on the other hand, wants nothing more than to blend in with the other, share everything, and hang out in shallow water where the waves are never too big.

 Aries is decisiveness — the worst part of Libra is indecisiveness.

 Can you feel the split?

If you have this duality in you, you have one part in you that wants to get along with everyone, and the other part is impatient and pushes people out of the way. One part of you: the hopeless romantic; the other part thinks love is overrated.

Which of these two stand out for you? Not everyone has both. Most of us have one side or the other.

 This full moon asks us universal questions:

Who is in charge of your relationship?
Who is care-taking your heart and needs?
What part of you is dependent and needy,  versus the hard-edged heart that no longer longs? Which one is operative in you?
Should I be with my partner?
Do I still love this job?

Is it time for me to let go of this partnership and ride the big waves, not settle for safe, or is it my job to settle in and allow what is to be?

We all have these hard questions from time to time. A full moon exacerbates such questions. Things always feel more intense during a full moon.

  •  What questions are hanging around you?
  •  What is it in life that bugs you?

These repetitive questions shape your psyche, and make you who you are, no matter how annoying they are.

We all have repetitive circular thinking that reoccurs. It is the nature of the beast. It’s the themes that we can observe that set us free…once we finally figure them out.

Write to us with your questions on this full moon…I’m so curious to hear what’s coming up for you.

Full Moon Blessings to you ALL!


Posted by Veronika Prielozna who loves yoga and zodiac wisdom.

Based on conversation from Debra Silverman

Image of Ram:

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