Yoga: GEMINI family – Power of TWO

Last Friday, we introduced Gemini sign in our TGIF Yoga, Yin & Yang – Astrology/ Asana 12:00 yoga class. Today, May 20, 2018, the Sun swings into chatty Gemini, the star sign of dynamic DUOS. It felt a little weird, as a Gemini to speak about Gemini, so after giving a class only basic info, I instead turned all into yoga practice for a primary flow of Partner Yoga that will continue for next Friday.

Welcome, GEMINI!

Gemini DNA in us: Grandma and twin grandsons

Charming Gemini is the star sign of kindred spirit energy and is always seeking a complementary companion Gemini season is a curious, communicative solar cycle that will turn up the volume on our innate journalistic curiosity. Asking all the right questions (and even some nosy ones) will help us see who we’re actually dealing with from now until June 21.

Gemini is the third sign among the zodiac’s 12 players. The Gemini star sign is an extroverted air sign and an adaptable mutable sign. As the ONLY MUTABLE AIR SIGN in the zodiac, Gemini people are often known for changing their minds. Perhaps this is why Geminis are sometimes accused of double-talk or being two-faced. They just change their minds or move on to the next curiosity faster than the rest of us.

Ruled by inquisitive Mercury, Gemini is the sign of the Twins. During Gemini season, put your radars out for kindred spirits, starting in your own backyard.  As earthy, grounded Taurus season draws to a close, Gemini’s twin energy turns our attention to partnering up. Taurus helps us start putting some of our biggest plans into a solid structure. Now, quicksilver Gemini sweeps in, encouraging us to seek out people whose skills complement our own—a celestial reminder that there is no “I” in team.

How to enjoy your life in time of Gemini ?

1. BUDDY with your buddy system.


During Gemini season, we attract relationships that act as mirrors—for better or for worse. Whether you seek out people whose skills and qualities balance yours, or connect to a romantic “soul twin,” Gemini season encourages dynamic duos of all kinds! Caveat: Watch for a tendency to lean TOO heavily on others, as Gemini energy can teeter into codependency if left unchecked. During Gemini season, practice the delicate art of active listening, using the “mirroring” techniques to reflect back what the other person says, and then waiting for your turn to speak.


Matchmaker, matchmaker! During Gemini season, introduce people that you suspect will hit it off—professionally or personally. Post a social media shout-out to someone whose stellar work you admire. Write a testimonial for a colleague whose service deserves recognition. Pay it forward by connecting a friend to a VIP. As long as you can vouch for their work, a simple intro could boost their career or even change their lives. Hello, karma points!

Gemini on their travels.


Gemini is known for razor-sharp humor and witty one-liners, and its solar influence gets opinions and commentary flying. As the zodiac sign that rules verbal communication, the Gemini star sign even features an unusual number of lyricists and hip-hop artists: Kendrick Lamar, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, Macklemore and many others.


Traveling around Chinese town, shopping for Travel Summer Dress, 2018.

Gemini rules the local scene and community events. When was the last time you explored your area for new excitement? Set out on foot if you can, and #shopsmall at mom-and-pop stores to keep your friendly neighborhood economy thriving. Chat up the regulars at your favorite coffee shop, peruse the listings for small concerts, stroll through galleries. Let the synergy flow in all of your interactions. You never know who you might meet, simply by exchanging a friendly hello and asking a few interested questions.

5. TRAVELING using all means

If you’re traveling during the next four weeks, you might upgrade to business class or a seat with more legroom. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the guardian of transportation. During Gemini season, give your wheels a tuneup…or even an upgrade! Time for a Prius with vegan leather interiors, perhaps? If your feet get you around town, then treat ’em like a good set of tires and invest in a stylish—but comfortable and supportive—new pair of summer kicks. Or, how about riding a bike, scooter or skateboard? If you’re traveling during the next four weeks, you might upgrade to business class or a seat with more legroom.

Trendy Hat on and he is ready to go.


Books, podcasts, Instagram feeds, short classes: Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of media and information. We’ll all be curious and hungry for novelty, so get yourself a library card, stock your Kindle and download audio books that will make your commute go by in a flash.

Trip adviser
Sharing travel stories is one of Gemini passion.

Enjoy your life under energetic Gemini influence and embrace the power of twosomes from now until June 21.

Veronika's writingPosted by Veronika Prielozna, MA, RYT500, Gemini. Veronika is a founder and YOGA TEACHER of TGIF Yoga.  Under this yoga trade name, we honor Yin and Yang inner energies in a human body and wisdom of the zodiac signs.

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