Retrograde is over: Welcome Aries New Moon 2018!

As  new moon comes on April 15th, 2018 in the zodiac sign of strong-willed and forceful Aries,. It is the optimum time to kick-start a brand new phase in our lives—especially as it occurs on the same day that Mercury goes stationary, meaning the fiery, much-feared retrograde reaches an end.

Hallelujah we survived!

Coming off this long winter and retrograde time, Aries stand tall, fiery to lead our way to new lands of spring and renewal.

 New moon ritual for better future

Begin by setting some time aside when you can focus and relax into your creative mind. Light a candle or some sage or palo santo. Put on some tunes you are excited about. Put the phone on airplane mode.

Take some time to reflect and journal. What seeds do you want to plant in your life right now? Do a check through all the areas of your life. Think deeper than surface here: self-esteem, self-confidence, radiance. Look deeply into what you want to plant.

It’s visualization time! If you have visualized before, awesome! We are going to keep this one easy for you. Begin by doing some deep breathing. Then sit, eyes closed, and visualize your heart as the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. Smell what it smells like. Take inventory of where it looks dry. And begin to visualize yourself planting it with a bounty of seeds—each one representing something you wish to cultivate. A new project? More self-love?

A Beyoncé – style entrance every time you walk into a room? Whatever it is, visualize yourself planting it and watering it.


Image result for Beyoncé

Post visualization, take the messages you found for the cycle and write them out on a beautiful piece of paper to put on your altar or somewhere you look daily. You may want to photograph this and also use it as your phone background, screen saver, or post it on your mirror—wherever you spend a lot of time looking and being. Then find three items or props to help you stay aligned with your message and who you want to be this cycle.

Like any new moon, take initiative and start something new on April 15th. Let the confident Aries drive you to begin that new project, that new relationship, or that new career move. We wish you luck on your upcoming endeavor — whatever it may be.

Reference: Alexandra Roxo

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