Zodiac Signs and a Closing the Year of 2021.

Get Into Mood!

This New Year’s Eve 2021 is all about adventure as the moon greets go-getter Mars in Sagittarius. Spice up ho-hum plans by tapping into the wide-eyed-wonder of this zodiac sign. Any activity that broadens your horizon will elevate the celebration.

Have some fun meanwhile waiting for New Year celebration, do some balancing yoga and read your full Weekly Astrology Overview for all the details on this week’s stars—and scroll down for your sign’s weekly horoscope from  beautiful AstroTwins ladies.

New year celebration
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The Last week of this year 2021

Aries: Ready to downshift? Your greatest growth spurts are likely to happen behind the scenes—and perhaps slightly beneath your own level of consciousness! Expansive Jupiter finally moves on from community-minded Aquarius (for another 12 years) and relocates to Pisces and your cosmic twelfth house…MORE >

Taurus: Power to the people—specifically the folks on Team Toro! A major shift in your social scene is coming this week, and it can reduce some of the work pressure you’ve been feeling for much of the past year. Starting this Tuesday, December 28, expansive Jupiter returns to Pisces…MORE >

Gemini: To the top—and quickly! An incredible bounty of opportunities is headed your way beginning Tuesday, December 28, as auspicious Jupiter commences part deux of its three-pronged journey through Pisces…MORE >

Cancer: Set your alarm for Tuesday, December 28, then get ready for adventure! That day, supersizer Jupiter returns to Pisces and your growth-oriented ninth house, sprinkling Miracle-Gro on entire swaths of your life…MORE >

Leo: Sensuality, seduction and intimate bonding? Why, yes, please! Get your order in now, Leo, so you don’t miss out on any of the juicy action being offered up starting this Tuesday, December 28, as expansive and abundant Jupiter…MORE >

Virgo: Duos are about to get even more dynamic this Tuesday, December 28, so get ready to buddy up! That day, lucky Jupiter returns to Pisces and your seventh house of committed partnership. This is part two of a trio of visits by the bountiful planet this year…MORE >

Libra: Libra’s idea of self-care doesn’t involve torturous bodywork or grueling boot camp antics, but it does include aromatherapy massage, fun dance moves and eating food that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. You can look forward to more of…MORE >

Scorpio: It’s showtime! Or it will be, starting Tuesday, December 28, when larger-than-life Jupiter takes up residence in Pisces and your amorous, glamorous and creative fifth house. You had a “dress rehearsal” in this area…MORE >

Sagittarius: Home is where the heart is—and the heat, and perhaps even your traveling shoes, o’ (formerly) nomadic one. On Tuesday, December 28, your galactic guardian, peripatetic Jupiter, returns to Pisces after giving you a sneak preview of this grounding energy earlier in the year…MORE >
Capricorn: Finally, you can follow people’s suggestion to lighten up! After almost a year (since December 19, 2020) of hosting philosophical Jupiter in your industrious, practical second house, the expansive planet relocates to Pisces…MORE >

Aquarius: Starting this Tuesday, December 28, “money matters” takes on a new meaning for you as auspicious Jupiter returns to Pisces and your second house of finances and security. This is a repeat performance after a short first one last May 13 to July 28, and actually is the second in a…MORE >

Pisces: Time to go big, Pisces! For the second time this year, Jupiter, your expansive co-ruler, blasts into your sign and first house of self-empowerment! Starting Tuesday, December 28, you will have a major cosmic tailwind for all your personal initiatives. Flip back to the first wave of…MORE >  

Have fun in closing this year and see you on the other side in the year of 2022! Let us get ready for our Good Bye and Hello 2022 party welcoming all zodiac signs around the table!


You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.” —Hillary DePiano, playwright and author

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“Plant seeds every single day that you know who you are, you know what you’re about, and you know what goals you’ve set for yourself.” —Stephen Curry, athlete

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