in Panorama / Greenglade Community Yoga Rooms

2018: Candlelight Yoga – Yin & Healing Arts

It is Wednesday night – “Hump day” – a perfect time for your full self-care experience. Enjoy the warm glow of candles, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere while utilizing many props to encourage deep tissue and fascia to release.  Practice gentle movement, restorative poses, and yin with extra special self-healing touch incorporated for whole-body healing. Everything we do in class arises from and returns to the ground of kindness, honesty, and letting go. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Wed      Jan 17-Mar 7      7:30-8:30pm       8/$120

Wed      Apr 4-May 23     7:30-8:30pm       8/$120

2018: Life Upgrade: Yin & Yang Yoga

In this Yin & Yang yoga class, you will be guided to help yourself through any transition time. Everyone needs time to heal first and then, restart all over. Your Inner Goddess / Warrior will bring new strength and beauty to your life going forward, no matter what life has brought to you. A drop by drop you will taste a yoga remedy blend made from a dynamic YANG flow to a protecting YING veil of quietness and nourishment that will be wrapped around you to heal your soul. Life can be beautiful again!

Wed      Jan 17-Mar 7      5:45-7pm             8/$120

Wed      Apr 4-May 23     5:45-7pm             8/$120


Friday    Yoga Stretch       9:15-10:15am

Friday    TGIF Yoga            12-1pm – NEW!


 “Distressing YIN & Restorative YOGA / Healing Art = weekend life flow, forever!”

Thank God Is Friday Yoga (TGIF Yoga) – No matter what a week throw – out on you, TGIF YOGA us a perfect time for distressing and resetting for a good weekend. Perfectly tailored “mush up class” by Veronika Prielozna will have all essential elements: breathing practices, chanting, gentle yin movements and restorative yoga poses. Extra special touches will come from soul storytelling or self-healing touch that will create a practice of whole-body healing. You must come to experience to believe it! A miracle can occur on your magic carpet (mat) under you. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME.

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