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FALL Season, 2018 -Registered classes



MEDITATION is an ancient, scientific, non-religious practice that trains your mind to become positive, peaceful, stress-free and powerful. Using a simple body flow technique, sound and focused breath you can build the brain and mind you want. If you are ready to commit to daily repetition, learning by doing and reflecting on your journey, this class will guide your way. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Previous yoga experience with Veronika is beneficial but not required.

FRIDAYS      10: 45 – 11: 30

Yin Mar 4


In this “therapeutic YOGA” class participants will hold postures for 3-5 min, using many props and with a guided meditation at the end. Doing so will bring the ultimate enhancement to your body/ mind flexibility, intuitiveness and overall healing. Charka wisdom will set a course for our inner travel.

SUNDAYS 09:00AM to 10:15

Yin Mar2

Winter/ Spring 2018: Candlelight Yoga – Yin & Healing Arts

It is Wednesday night – “Hump day” – a perfect time for your full self-care experience. Enjoy the warm glow of candles, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere while utilizing many props to encourage deep tissue and fascia to release.  Practice gentle movement, restorative poses, and yin with extra special self-healing touch incorporated for whole-body healing. Everything we do in class arises from and returns to the ground of kindness, honesty, and letting go. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Wed      Jan 17-Mar 7      7:30-8:30pm       8/$120 – Well DONE!

Wed      Apr 4-May 23     7:30-8:30pm       8/$120 – Fantastic job, Yankees!

Wed     Jul 18-Aug 22      7:00-8:00pm       6/ $90 – Completed with success!


Friday    Yoga Stretch       9:15-10:15am

Friday    TGIF Yoga            12 – 1pm 


 “De – stressing YIN & Restorative YOGA / Healing Art = weekend life flow, forever!”

Thank God Is Friday Yoga (TGIF Yoga) – No matter what a week throw – out on you, TGIF YOGA us a perfect time for de – stressing and resetting for a good weekend. Perfectly tailored “mash up class” by Veronika Prielozna will have all essential elements: breathing practices, chanting, gentle yin movements and restorative yoga poses. Extra special touches will come from soul storytelling or self-healing touch that will create a practice of whole-body healing. You must come to experience to believe it! A miracle can occur on your magic carpet (mat) under you. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME.

Special Astrology Events & YOGA:

TGIF YOGA on Feb. 2, 2018, at 12:00: ( drop in class)


Look up to the sky…

On January 31, 2018, the full moon will not only be the SUPER MOON, but it will also be a BLUE MOON and BLOOD MOON. These two celestial events will also coincide with a total lunar eclipse. Extraordinary moments to live under the Moon!

Join us for TGIF YOGA class on Friday, February 2, 2018, at 12:00,  to celebration BLUE MOON ECLIPSE, when first astrology event will be woven in the class theme.

Even a few days after, we could still feel the potent energy of this enchanting time. Veronika will lead yoga flow for this Yin & Yang lunar sequence, vibrate with chanting to reconcile the energetic body and capped off with a savasana. Do not miss this rare opportunity in your yoga life. Must experience to believe it!

“Tonight the Moon kisses the stars. Oh, Beloved, be like that to me!” ~Rumi

Where: Greenland Community, Yoga Studio 5, spots are limited ( max 15 people)

When:  February 2, 2018, at 12:00, class assembly start 20 mins. before. Please come early to save your spots. No late entry, please!

We Are All Equal Under the SUN and MOON.” ~ unknown


Full Moon Image:

Lady moon profileAny questions about YOGA 2018 classes? Please contact me at