As a yoga teacher with a nursing background, I consider myself to be a pretty creative person, especially in my yoga teaching.  As a Gemini, my mind is always shifting and adapting to new situations, while I am on my feet moving with precise focus on my destiny. Another part of me, being a yoga teacher, allows me to use another side of polarity in me. All parts of me were mixed together in teaching my Chakra Yin Yoga Program. Recently, I completed my 7th. series of teaching this program ( 8 classes in one series). Somehow, I feel it is my time to stop and connect the dots to reflect how far I came in this unique teaching and taking many others with me on an inner journey through the chakra system practicing yin yoga with the art of surrounding.

Chakra System

  “Seven series via seven chakras!”

The human body is like a canvas painted with splashes of seven rainbow colors linked to the chakra system in a body. Sometimes it looks pretty dark and sometimes body content is swept by glorious colors of joy, love or peace. In my introductory free class, I asked students what color would they become and pointed on the chakra system and its colors.  No surprise for me, 90% of people picked “indigo color” linked to higher wisdom, knowing and seeing. I just smiled and replied, “ all is possible after practicing, removing, healing all colors (chakras) that lead you to this center of the third eye.”

“Growing higher, you must go deeper first!”

Everyone is talking about higher consciousness, the collective evolution process but all must start with a humble beginning to refresh your roots and re-grounding. It is a journey of order, no skipping or omitting is recommended. Slowly does it! Therefore, Yin Chakra was chosen by me as a perfect medium to slow the process allowing a participant to feel a deep stretch in a body and reflect on the chakra wisdom we were working on.

Cultural conditioning, trust in your inner wisdom

It is exciting to hear chakra wisdom but it is a challenge to use chakra wisdom and reflect on your own life. In spite of seeing what went wrong in our life, the good news is that all can be healed and new beliefs and trust can be accepted. Therefore, teaching lower chakras, 1 – 2 – 3 is the most important in this journey to you while teaching westerners participation. All our habits are ingrained almost from birth in us, they are not easy to break, but all is possible. This process might bring tears of sorrow, or joy to see your life through neutral observation eyes and follow the guidance to repair the damage. To create, you have to let it go the order of the second chakra. Chakra’s journey through yin allowed us to learn how to create and re-create without being perfect. It takes time and permission to make some mistakes. It can be terrifying and liberating at the same time. I am similar to the students in my classes, I kept trying a new way and assess my progress.

Heart as a wisdom keeper

Once we crossed the mid-section, we are in the Heart chakra, and all feels like a breeze entering the heart chakra with primarily air elements. Love, compassion, forgiveness, and devotion are not easy to have around. Self-love and self-forgiveness were tricky here but the electromagnetic field of heart with no time and space limitation won all the time. Students recognized different vibration and soon silence overtook their whole beings.

Stretch Yoga with Veronika
Stretch Yoga

What did I learn by creating the yin chakra program and facilitating seven series?

  1. Students had a huge curiosity about the wisdom of chakra and love for yin stretch, but they were not ready to go into a deeper soul conversation, yet.
  2. Creating a healing teaching environment when people can visit all life allies is not easy, but essential; many times, students came to a class to heal their body and soul, after a busy day of living.
  3. Nobody took my advice on journaling their process, but everyone wished they would have at the end of the program.
  4. Tuning in by sharing the moments of their discoveries, gave the student’s body feedback. All was felt in their bodies. It was a key factor of success in this program.
  5. In the end, in our last celebration class, people shared their own stories and we witnessed powerful awareness and opening in their life.

“Wednesday is my favorite day of the week; a hump day with evening yoga with Veronika. It always gives me a boost for the week’s journey that leads to my weekend.”

The new year 2020, will bring a new series of exploration Yin Restorative + Healing – come to experience new yoga program where YOU will become a vital part of your inner journey. Come to join us!

Yin Restorative with Veronika, Winter 2020


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