INTERNAL YOGA: Fall Session and You.

Since last week time change, I feel like FALL session dropped deep into my soul and bones. Leaving and returning home surrounded by darkness, I feel like I have minimums light hours to play, or is there something else in the air? I believe that Nature is the best teacher, so what am I observing now? I am going to listen to deep messages to bring it forward to my life and life of my yoga students. In spite of missing life with full sun exposure, I know that Fall has its magic and wisdom, so let me find it to enjoy the full benefits of allowing Fall Session Falls Into You.

fall 2013


We are in the garden at this time of the year, Fall marks the end of the growing season and the old leaves turn color and drop back into the earth providing a rich bed of soil for a new harvest. In the Chinese theory, the meridians associated with fall are the Large Intestine (colon) and the Lung (breathing).


I feel it is time for Letting Go to make a space for Letting Come. The extreme emotion is Grief and the balanced energy is satisfaction and acknowledgement and respect. Grief for the letting go aspect of that which no longer serves us, and self-worth for the letting come aspect that acknowledges the unique and priceless contribution that each of us has to make to the Universe. Each of us has that special gem to offer to humanity.  I found myself keep reconnecting with my year’s intention and reviewing my progress on my soul travel journey.  Good news I still have two more months to tune in!



In the Fall season, you can easily feel dry or depleted. According to Ayurveda, this is characterized by an increase of the energy of wind, the vata dosha. Soothe the vata dosha by encouraging internal lubrication. Move your joints in long holds providing more energy to your fascia (connective tissue) while focusing on circular movements and nourishing breath. In my yoga practice, it is time to descent and start yin yoga to be more dominant in my yoga flow.


This is the time to let go of the waste such as the old and stagnant in our lives stripping us bare. As we release the old, such as negativity, we become receptive to the pure and the new, granting us a vision of who we are in our essence. Envision this as similar to cleaning out our gutters of the accumulation of leaves and debris, so that when the rains come down the water can freely run through the drains and the drainpipe. When the gutters are clogged there is an overflow caused by a blockage or stagnation. This is similar to what happens in our body/mind – if we get clogged up internally, physically we may find ourselves experiencing constipation and colds or flus. Likewise, mentally we find ourselves confused, overwhelmed or stuck.  I reviewed all my friend attachments and cleansed my internal closet on my social media, only few true survivals.



Now is the time to go through your closet, desk, garage and discard what you no longer need by donating, selling or exchanging with someone else who might find it of value.  I reviewed all my friends like attachment and cleansed my internal closet on my social media. Who is supporting me or who is draining my energy?


Do a mental inventory where you examine attitudes such as jealousies, resentments or prejudices and resolve to let these go.

INTERNAL YOGA  starts with Listening TO THE SIGNS

  • Notice if you feel restless but don’t worry if you do – it’s your body, mind and emotions adjusting to the change in the seasons.
  • Take it as a sign to slow down and nurture yourself.
  • Try and get out in nature as often as you can and take in the show that this season puts on.
  • Go for a walk and listen to the wind in the trees, collect fallen cankers, notice the change in the quality of the light, appreciate the beautiful colors of the leaves as they change week-by-week…

F A L L  is a beautiful season, so relax, let go and enjoy!


Featured Image Credit: Google Image Database

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