2017 Last New Moon will be an epic power for 2018 manifestation.  New Moon in Sagittarius will occur on December 18, 2017, at 1:30AM EST. I love this time; the worse is over, I hope, and I feel like been on a cast of the final lunation of this year. We can use power of Sagittarius new moon to move us forward. For this post, I used wisdom of cosmic forecast from talented ladies twins Ophira and Tali Edut.

Christmas Lamp @ Riu


This Sagittarius new moon will land right alongside stoic Saturn, the planet that rules time and history. Although Sagittarius tends to be a “live for the moment” sign, this cosmic conjunction inspires us to preserve the moment as well. Mercury is also retrograde during this new moon, making us reflective and a bit sentimental about the past. So…why not capture it in a vessel?


Decide when you want to open your time capsule: one year from now…five, even ten? Then, choose an appropriate container, like a shoebox (for short-term capsules) or a stainless steel box, like ones for cash collection. We’ve seen these at thrift stores, so no need to break the bank on a new model. Gather materials that you’d like to put in your time capsule, for example:

  • A newspaper or magazine from today or this month.
  • A list of popular words and expressions you’ve used this year (Lit AF, anyone?).
  • Photos of friends and important people in your life.
  • A takeout menu or matchbook from your favorite restaurant or cafe.
  • Mementos from important moments this year: cake tops from your birthday party or the beads you scored at Mardi Gras (we won’t tell).
  • Postcards or ads from the year; pages from fashion magazines that encapsulate 2017 style.
  • Vacation photos (this new moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler, after all).
  • A letter to yourself: What would you like to remind yourself of in a year, or a decade, when you open up your capsule? ( Truly love this!)


As manifestation mavens, we love this one. For example, make a list of the places you’d like to travel before you pop open your time capsule next. Once you’ve filled your capsule, seal and place it somewhere out of reach, like a high shelf in a closet. Set a calendar reminder for the date you’d like to open up your time capsule.

 New New Year 2018 will be fascinating!

Once you’ve filled your capsule, seal and place it somewhere out of reach, like a high shelf in a closet. Set a calendar reminder for the date you’d like to open up your time capsule. Happy New Year!


PINPOINT YOUR NEXT PILGRIMAGE and price out tickets so you can book your winter travel when Mercury turns direct on December 22.

TAKE A LONG DRIVE OUT OF TOWN to enjoy natural beauty Stop by a holiday crafts market and buy gifts from independent makers: Sagittarius rules entrepreneurship!

FEEL YOUR FIRE: Take a hot yoga class, sit in a detoxifying sauna, or draw a bath with heating mustard salts.


Base on Andrea Rice sharing, SAGITTARIUS RULES THE HIPS IN THE BODY. In yoga practise we should focus on stabilizing the hips in an effort to practice more challenging postures that can steer us outside of our usual comfort zones.

After the Sun’s alchemical cycle through transformative Scorpio, Sagittarius season invites us to rise from the ashes with our new vision in mind, and move boldly in pursuit of our wildest dreams. For musical inspiration, I recommend the high-minded optimism of Alice Coltrane’s “Transcendence,” to elevate your consciousness and channel your inner philosopher.


“But, we are still not there yet!” ( the end of the year – smile)


Feature Image creadit: Patrick Pendalis

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