Yoga Therapy is a Nature Therapy.

NATURE is reflected in a human body via all elements. As five elements theory is a bone structure for Chinese medicine.  In Yoga Therapy we use5 Kosha or 8 limbs or YOGA tree for our inner nature exploration. It paved our a nature path in yoga healing.  Many others alternative medicine and traditions keep  using breath as a anchor in there therapeutic process , alike Yoga Therapy , that is a modern application of ancient wisdom of Yoga, offers meditation and breath work to positively affect our lives.

Nature Path

Immersion with Nature reshape your Brain

Eva Selhub, MD, and Alan Logan, ND, authors of the book, Your Brain on Nature, review how “our digital world is viewed in isolation, without consideration for what is being lost by the corresponding shift from the natural environment.” This immersion, they say, can change aspects of brain information processing or interpersonal communication. The authors described nature as having the potential to encourage the growth and continued reshaping of the brain cells throughout life, improving its plasticity. They propose that the future of cognitive-nature research will be to provide proof that time spent in nature can influence the production of brain chemicals responsible for maintaining cognitive health throughout the aging process.

Connectivity and the Brain

As a human species, we’re wired to connect. We’re a profoundly social species. When times get tough, it’s more critical than ever to connect through engagement with friends and loved ones. However, during instances like a global pandemic, where access is limited, social isolation can affect the brain in different ways, according to The Scientist. A lack of it is associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia and mental health consequences such as depression and anxiety.


Bathing with forest, Bathing with your Breath

One solution to finding solace during this time exists in the practice of forest bathing, described in Psychology Today as “making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest.” Also known as Shinrin-Yoku in Japan, where it began as a form of nature therapy, it is a leisurely visit to the forest. Results from a study show this activity is associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure.

In the book Your Brain on Nature, Selhub and Logan describe nature as acting as a sort of visual valium of sorts, citing medical doctor Franklin B. Hough that forests have a “cheerful and tranquilizing influence which they exert upon the mind, more especially when worn down by mental labor.” Phytoncides released from trees decrease the production of stress hormones, positively affecting immune function.

Outside Nature, or Inner Nature

can also be viewed as a metaphor for your resiliency. If you look at forest fires and how the forest regrows and regenerates, you will see it always recovers, heals, and begins anew. It’s very symbolic of how you can rise even after distressing experiences or events. It’s your natural tendency. You are nature. You’re an active part of it, not a bystander apart from it. This idea alone can help you experience a sense of harmony–of being connected to a mighty, and greater, whole.

Nature is you is reflecting on YOU!

Veronika - Joga for JOYVeronika Prielozna, MA, C-IAYT, RYT500, IEHP. If you desire to experience being part of nature in your own body, come and join us for LOVING KINDNESS MEDITATION– FALL YOGA, STARTING ON SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2020.This “2 in 1” series is designed for people in a search for harmony from the inside out. The class will include meditation/ mindfulness, body-mind science information, gentle slow yoga movement and breath work to integrate at the end of the class. “Come as you are!”



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