YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

In the middle of November, I feel like is it a good time to start thinking about how to finish this year strong with positive vibes. I have a habit recalling all “good and not so good” to reflect on the passing year from an observing point of view. Simple all “Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019” starts now.


Attachment comes with Detachment first

When I go through my inner process, I usually take my yoga students on a journey with me. Therefore, soon we will activate our annual “Jar of Gratitude” that will help us to cultivate our positive attitude of gratitude. Read here what we have done last year

Jar of Gratitude

From now on in my all yoga classes “Jar of Gratitude” will travel with me, so each of my yoga students can write a note and drop into our jar. All will be supported by a yoga theme that will help us with detachment from this year so our cross over time will come with ease and joy.


Intention with focused action matters

This year started strong in the first week of January when I held Yoga Intention Circle 2018 for my close friends and yoga clients. At that time, my year’s intention was set and now the time came to reflect and compare my notes if all came true for me, or not, I hope at least close. All takes time and some quiet time.

Gratitude, breath  work and yoga practice

will help us to be more centered in all days ahead. Holidays can bring a lot of expectation and stress to our life but if we learn a simple new way of being we can spread quiet positive vibes to our families, workplace or community.

On a horizon of yoga life with Veronika:


Happy New Year, Yoga Seekers!

yoga class1

Give yourself the gift of 2018 YOGA INTENTION CIRCLE to start your Yoga Life right!  This workshop will amplify processes of self-inquiry, expanding your spiritual awareness and commitment to your ageless life with yoga. Yoga experience with Veronika would be beneficial. Over three workshop hours, and some self – reflection at home, you will learn:

  • How to set your heart intention on your mat to carry you forward
  • How to wellness your life
  • How to connect with yoga seekers – a heart to heart – community – joyful spirit sparkled with humor and inspirational stories.
  • Mindfulness Breath work with Healing Arts aspects
  • Easy spirit and smile guaranteed!
  1. Your Investment: $ 50/ 3 hours + online home prep work
  2. When: Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 1 PM
  3. Where: TBA

Drop your message to , or talk to Veronika to save a spot for you.

Best year for Yoga and Healing Arts waits for you and will start with soul tailored Intention for you.

What 2018 YOGA INTENTION CIRCLE participants saying?

I gave myself the gift of a path.  In only two hours, Veronika will guide you from one year to another. Thanks to 2017 for its lessons and prepare yourself for how you want your future to look. With a little homework and gentle guidance, Veronika is able to help you arrive at your path for 2018. Baby steps to big dreams!

Cheers, Susan, Yoga practitioner 5+ years

It was a great exercise for me. It took the Asana out of Yoga for me and puts my mind into it.  Very strong! I see and feel your Passion, your Commitment, your thirst for knowledge on this arena is truly inspiring. I applaud you, Veronika!

Mary, With Gratitude, Yoga practitioner, 20+ years

“Veronika’s Intention-Setting circle was a powerful opportunity for participants to reflect on the gifts and lessons of the previous year, and become clear in their desires for the year ahead so that they could be put into action. Participants left with a greater understanding of the meaning of their experiences, and felt empowered to allow themselves to realize their dreams and desires.

Veronika bright and bubbly energy create a fun, safe and dynamic atmosphere for learning and self-transformation.”

  1. Yoga Intention Circle: Jocelyn Taitt, ND, Reiki Practitioner

One thought on “YOGA: Jar of Gratitude, Detachment and Intention 2019.

  1. I am filled with gratitude for my life, my friendships and this beautiful world. 🙂 Gloria PohjavuoriSidney, B.C.

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