How I Became A Yoga Therapist In The Time of Covid-19.

On June 21st. – International Yoga Day, Cancer solar eclipse – a day after Summer Solstice, I completed all requirements to become a Yoga Therapist at Ajna Yoga, with a fresh career path in front of me.  “How could I achieve this in such a chaotic time when all was falling apart, destroying many dreams and lives; and I still dared to hold on to my mission of a new becoming?” This journey of becoming wholehearted/ brain minded is a pathway how we can evoke to new ‘self’; it is not easy to take. I was aware of the process  —  being tossed by life to grow, overcome and then being pushed again. Yes, living your life consciously! The key in this process is being a co-creator of your life rather than let life happen to you.


I know where it all started. One day in a hectic time of nursing, practicing yoga teaching on the side, I pledged to my soul in silence to resume and complete my yoga therapy study, as soon I can. In summer 2019, I was eligible for taking my early retirement, and I waited no more.  I happily retired with deep gratitude and respect for this challenging and rewarding career.  One door closed, and a new door opened for my new soul adventure. As a well-experienced nurse, I knew how to assess and how to plan, so I used all my skills and drew my timeline/ budget to face my study reality: time commitments, tuition, and study requirements. All was overwhelming at first.


My original intention was to become a yoga therapist to help my students/clients learn the techniques of body and mind that will help them heal, relax, and integrate all into their life.  However, in the process of becoming, I learned that true“why answer” is hidden in a core of Yoga therapy itself.  It is in our therapeutic relationship, when each of us is aware of a role, we move our bodies thought ‘inner play’ on the platform.  “It takes two to tango!” Once we synchronized our vibes and accepted our responsibilities for our roles in this facilitating process, magic occurred. “Shall we dance?”

”Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.” ~ unknown


Despite not knowing all details of unfolding, I committed to my new journey.  But just because I moved my project forward, it doesn’t mean, the entire map for my route was provided. I asked Divine to be my ‘travel/ study agent’ to help me  with all details. I know that transformation and adversity will come, but I trusted my divine partnership and a proof of success from my past (a life circle keeps repeating).  “I can do it!” But I have never thought what would come with such a strong ‘big bang’ felt in my core: total knee replacement surgery and Covid-19 with a global impact on many levels of our existence.  Notwithstanding the facts, I know that CHAOS theory was introduced to our lives to set a new better life foundation if I only allow myself to go through the process. “I kept pressing on!”


In my humble New Year 2020 beginning, I entered a studio (fully packed) with the support of my walking poles – only 9 weeks after knee surgery (!); I wowed myself and the world around. It was the power of my spirit and knowledge how to use yoga props gracefully. My mind commended and my body followed. My secret to success came from knowing how to work with a human body in recovery, how to motivate myself to stay focused, and believing in healing powers. But without my secret weapon, my husband, it might not be possible in such a magnificent way.



…. “What touched me the most was the therapeutic relationship developed on trust and soul revealing.  She is a wonderful person, full of energy, and an excellent listener. As the series progressed, I started looking forward to my every week session, as it became a “healthful and joyful” routine of my life.” (March, 2020 – male 29yr; yoga teacher)

caec565e-04ad-4fa7-ba6e-6dca735cd12fIMG-5086Online yoga teaching

Firstly, he became my caregiver /rehabilitation assistant, 24/7 that was later upgraded to my yoga assistant.  Everyone in yoga studios started liking him because of his classic gentlemen manors and appearance. My private “Uber driver”, as I called him – giggling, had multi-level unpaid duties: driving me from studio to studio, organized space/props/ lighting/ Bluetooth music, and bringing me a snack just on time between back to back classes. It was pure balancing power in action – Yin/ Yang embodiment. He had his muscles to carry us over, and I had the rest — my vision and ‘know-how ‘to follow my inner guru master plan.


 Fred in yoga study

Just imagine, I (or, our yin/ yang combo) completed all requested 63 group yoga therapy sessions, and the next day, in-person yoga teaching was closed due to a virus!  Our eyes were widely opened to experience this time of synchronicity. (A few similar moments occurred during this time of study.) We knew that the Divine was fully supporting our case.


One challenge was conquered and a new one appeared. “One on One” yoga therapy, a set of 50 sessions, was still ahead on me. How could it be done when all was closed under ‘stay at home’ order? Once I overcame a fear of technology, I still preferred working with my clients’ in-person, I saw a new way, a virtual way– unknown to me. Virtual sessions came with many ‘trial & errors’ until I got it and all covered on sides, teacher and clients. All my clients had to go through the same learning process. We worked on both sides until all was seamlessly delivered and enjoyed. Reading all testimonials from Zoom sessions during Covid-19 time, a strong link was built between our hearts using virtual technology and yoga wisdom. We helped each other, not only to complete my assignments, but our Zoom sessions became highlights in the lives of many during this time of virus and isolation.

…”Yoga therapy is a completely different experience that goes far beyond the benefits of a yoga class and physical therapy. Even via ZOOM, it worked for me! Veronika knows how to bring out the best of the physical, mental and spiritual connection. I look forward to including Yoga therapy as another tool to keep me healthy, happy and mobile. ” (May, 2020, female 60+, seasonal yoga practitioner)

MY STORY turned into OUR STORY.

With the help of many, I was able to transform adversity into opportunities for awakening; not only for myself but for all included — those who actively walked with me on this journey.  This process was more than receiving certification, or putting a few new professional abbreviations behind my name. New more subtle changes occurred in the cores of us. As Carolyn Myss said “Every act of kindness, every act of goodness, now matters more than you ever thought it mattered before.”

During this covid-19 time and many global protests against racism, my granddaughter was born as a bright light for a better future [still not touched by her grandparents, yet]. But we all had a chance to turn ourselves collectively into ‘active agents of changes’ that our souls have been whispering for a long time. As I promised my soul one day, and followed through in this time of massive change so a Yoga Therapist could be born in me.

Toward the end, each of us realized a process of becoming — downloading our new soul upgrade — following the quiet soul whispers to manifest our dreams. I hope this story will inspire you to never ignore that mysterious silver voice in your own life.

Let us emerge from this Covid19 time stronger than never before.

With gratitude for the journey

Yoga Veronika

Veronika Prielozna, M.A. RYT500, C-IEHP, C- IYT (cc) – in admit process

‘Yoga for JOY with Veronika’ classes will be resumed in Oak Bay Monterey Studio and Panorama/ Greenglade Studio in September, 2020.  Come as you are!

4 thoughts on “How I Became A Yoga Therapist In The Time of Covid-19.

  1. Veronika!!! What a wonderful and courageous journey you have been on! Congratulations on completing your yoga therapy program and also for completing your time as a nurse. You are inspiring and gifted in many ways. I can’t wait to see you and take a class from you when the time is right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Kathy, I missed you all: our yoga community, laughter and our moves…but there is hope — all is opening slowly. I will come to resume our Friday’s practice a.s.s.p. If you feel like, you can reach me on Zoom/ virtual….or, wait a little bit longer for in-person. Gratitude for being patience, I keep you in my mind/ heart. Namaste.


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