How to find a good yoga teacher?

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I’ve met many people during my travels in Canada and abroad who sincerely want to learn yoga. They ask me what kind of yoga they should look for? They ask this question not because there is a lack of yoga classes around, but because even without any experience in yoga, they can see thru the gimmicks and they know that the twenty-year-old-yoga-girl-yoga is not what they are looking for, even if the instructor happens to be in her thirties.

So how is a person supposed to find a good yoga teacher? Luck, I suppose is the easiest way. I usually advise finding someone older than yourself, someone you can relate to on some level. I tell people to avoid Bikram and hot yoga unless they just want a really good work out and even then I think there are much better practices for fitness. Iyengar provides this, as well as…

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MANTRA in yoga classes.

In my yoga teaching,  slowly I keep introducing chanting wisdom into my yoga classes. I found this article on that summarized all common chanting/ mantra we are familiar with here in the West. So, keep humming on with a focus to manifest your desire and life you are dreaming about. “Check it out; there … Continue reading MANTRA in yoga classes.