5 Immigration Life Lessons I learned.

After 24 years of “Over the Ocean” immigration, there is no doubt in my mind that the life of immigrants is not easy. Language barriers (even your accent), with difficulties to spell your name – it feels harsh inside. Cultural discrimination and general unfamiliarity to a brand new country is a significant hurdle to OVERCOME! Here are 5 Immigration Life Lessons I learned.

“In  life there are moments and choices that define us – who we are!”


When you set yourself up on a quest to rebuild your life, focus and commitment is a must. I learned the responsibility of creating a future by performing focused moves.  First, all is created by your heart and mind, then all ideas are digested in your stomach (sleep on it, or sit on it) and if all aligned; your tights filled with fire element to help you take the first step. (Sorry I took you in the human body via polarity lens).  Learning heart and mind coherence took me a few years of esoteric/ holistic studies. Now I know how important it is to take a “pause” before fully commenting on your new journey.


Immigrants in every new country understand the importance of taking the correct stroke forward. There must be well planned, organized and well thought-through moves. Otherwise, it can bring you to a new detour. I learned how to research, plan and strategize my steps.  Sometimes I was working on 2 – 3 projects at the same time to save some time, smile! (I worked as a nurse and simultaneously, I was taking two extra studies to get my specialties — yes, I did!)


Building “new you and new reality ” requires everyday courage!This is an inescapable fact that every immigrant spends some time (even years) to prove to others who they are.  Mistakes are painful and very pricey! It is a long, internal and external process and nobody can predict how long it will take for yourself to “feel good in your skin” in your new surroundings. (Unfortunately, many immigrants returned back home after years of trying.)

“Immigration is not for everybody!”


I learned how to listen, respect, and accept people from all over the world, no matter their skin color, language or culture. I had only Slovak life experience where almost everybody was born in the same skin tone (white skin, blue, green or hazel eyes, blonde or brown hair). At that time, diversity was still nonexistent for me due to life conditioning.  I remember my very first bus ride in Vancouver, BC where only the two of us were in “snow – white” skin. The rest of the passengers spoke many languages (not English), used vivid hand gestures, and were engaged in a loud conversation. It was daunted. I was unsettled in this unknown surrounding. Later on, I learned the value of diversity and how to celebrate country diversity.


I learned that good karma can find you in time of your needs. Therefore, I donate my good deeds, or generosity toward somebody in need. I know this good deed will come back to me as a boomerang, one day from somebody else. I consider myself lucky to experience the “miracle of help” that came to me from nowhere, received during my dark time of immigration. I keep maintaining this positive good flow of magic in my life.

To be honest with you, as I see it now, it was the Grace of Gods and Goddesses, the power of Universe that dwells in me and my focused mind that helped me to reach dreams, almost all. I made my luck following my simple formula:

Smart WORK (sometimes 10 -12 hours), STUDY even harder, TRAVEL the world and happy retirement — soon enough while you still have a healthy body and mind to enjoy your 3rd act of life. This is my magic sauce that works for me.

Please share with me your immigration life lessons you learned yourself or from your family / friends. 



5 Immigration Life Lesson I learned.

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