Yoga 2021 – Release old, Welcome new!

Dear Beloved Veronika’s Students,

I started my yoga practice with reflection first. It brought me back over my years of teaching yoga and the recent few months of ‘staying home’ in isolation due to Covid19.  Through the loss of my ‘never returning moments’,  endings, hopes, canceled plans, closed studios/business around the city and lack of hugs – I see changes in yoga teaching and in me. Life in 2020 taught me how to be grounded in the moment of now, adapting accordingly for the best outcome and how to live with hope for better times, no matter the scary news and death statistics on the media.

This is a moment where you come to my mind— a heart to heart yoga community. I see you all through my 3rd eye, your willingness to show up with each other to awaken understanding of our bodies, hearts and minds. As I spoke with many of you privately, I know how conscious yoga practice affected your lives. 

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No matter the time (early morning or evening), or whether condition (rain, stormy or hot), we keep showing up in our studio for practice – we are connected to the same vibrational frequency. We keep showing up for ourselves:  from you to us to world!  We created our own class rituals: starting with the ring of a bowl, we all know deeply in our hearts this is time to gather our senses for yoga practice.  I called all directions to come. When we sat to breathe as one, we felt the stillness in the room, if necessary, the room was adjusted at once, and we were soothed by our sound of Ohm. So many stories were released in our practice, using asanas practice, by verbal or non-verbal means. Do you still remember the savasana sweet sensation — Yoga Bliss –blowing over you?


We keep creating something unexpected for our lives filled with intention for wellness and kindness. For this, I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you who were a part of this past or recent yoga teaching memory of mine.

At the end of the class gratitude closing, I keep saying: “Please thank the part of you that brought you here today.  Please send a virtual hug to your yoga mat friends around the class because without you all this yoga magic wouldn’t be possible. Namaste! ”

With deep gratitude, I wrote this personal appreciation to you for dedicating yourself to yoga practice with me for self-growth and self- discovery.

Let us dance our 2021 life tango , as nobody is watching, with joy and beauty!


VERONIKA PRIELOZNA is a therapeutic yoga teacher, RYT 500 and (C-IAYT) Certified Yoga Therapist, offering Friday’s AM Yoga Stretch,  Functional Yoga for everyone and Healing Meditation in 2021 from Greenglade Community Centre.  “Come as you are!”

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