Christmas 2017: Time when Venus enters your life, oops!

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1 of this year, and will stick around until Christmas Day on December 25. Do you know what does it mean for your zodiac sign?  I found more information about this on . Time for some love horoscope love coming now! Want to know what your romantic outlook is this holiday season? Scroll on down to your zodiac sign to find out! Then of course, check out your partner′s and report back.

Aries– It′s a whole new world.

With Venus in Sagittarius, you are feeling a little philosophical when it comes to love right now. You are thinking big and far, as Venus enters your ninth house of foreign affairs. This is true whether you are single or attached. You want a little more spark and bling in your swing, and Venus in the wide wide world of Sagittarius is reminding you of that.

There′s a whole world of love out there if you can′t get it here right now, may be what you are thinking. Long-distance love is favored under this transit, but so is travelling.

Taurus– You′ll want it all, and you want it now.

Venus as your ruling planet, Taurus, means you want love all the time, and you want it now. Has it seemed like everything has just fallen into place exactly as you planned? That′s Jupiter in your opposite love sign of Scorpio for you. If you have been having the opposite kind of luck, it′s because the universe is pointing you to areas where you need to change.

Ignoring that call will not go well for you, Taurus. This time of year Venus is in your eighth house of transformations. Use secrets and information to bond with your lover, or your current crush, and that big awesome change is right around the corner. It′s going to be intense, and you′re going to love it.

Gemini – Game playing is not advised.

You′ll be rolling the dice a lot this year, Gemini, and it could only wind up frustrating you if your intentions are not pure. This is most true in your sector of relationships. Geminis love horoscopes are showing that ruling planet Mercury going retrograde in this season is not a great thing for Gemini.

On the other hand, having the dual kind of nature that Gemini does, that will only be the case if Gemini embraces the dark side. Karma is going to be a very big deal for you in love right now. What goes around is coming around. Venus is in your seventh house of partnerships, the big time love house, so when Gemini is channeling karma for good, miracles happen.

When you aren′t, well, you know. Keep it pure, Gemini, and this love fest is going to be one for the history books.

Cancer — The little things mean the big things.

Venus in Sagittarius in your sixth house of details has you looking at the little things, those little details in love, Cancer. In matters of the heart, as a cardinal water sign, you know how to play the game of love. You love deeply and are committed 100% to the object of your affections, and you always play for keeps.

If you are single and looking, be sure you look your best at all times, and if you are attached, well, same thing. Appearance matters, right down to that little detail, when your sixth house is activated. You just never know who you are running into in the next few weeks, Cancer!

Leo – Have fun but play fair.

You have been all over the place in the love department the last few years, haven′t you, Leo? This is more true for single Leos than attached, although attached Leos have had their share of bumpy years. Venus in Sagittarius is working your fifth house of fun, so this transit is going to have you coming out of the holidays on a high, a glow even if you will.

As a Leo when you love, you love deeply, and so there may still be a hole in your heart or two from years past. Maybe something has been percolating that you have felt but not yet seen manifest. That all is about to change this holiday for Leo. Follow the fun, and love follows you right back.

Virgo – Home is where your heart is.

With Venus in Sagittarius in your fourth house of roots, you are seeing stability and security in your love matters over the holidays. Home is where your heart is this holiday season. Nothing but the best for you, Virgo, even if it means a little stop and go waiting for you while your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde.

The stop and go effect of Mercury retrograde will have a roller coaster effect on your romantic affairs, but you can use nostalgia to win, whether you are single or attached. Compassion is your super power and exuding that this year is going to win for you big time and turn your romantic house into that well aged vintage.

Libra — Venus is on the hunt, and she wins.

As your ruling planet, Venus, closes the year in Sagittarius, it gives your love a little boost in the communication sector. Use your words to win in love, Libra! You are having fun right now and enjoying the warmth of the holiday season. If you′ve been waiting for a year to finally get answers on your relationships, all will come full circle for you this year as well.

Single Libras will feel like they are living on the dream dates, or in a dream world, and attached Libras will feel like finally everything is coming together.

Scorpio — Dreams do in fact come true!

Venus in Sagittarius closes the year on a fun note when it comes to love, Scorpio. If you are attached you are finding ways with your partner to explore the big wide world, or even just each other. The big picture is also coming to light. If you′re single, you′re in for an even bigger year, one where you will feel like you keep needing to pinch yourself.

If you′ve been maintaining your high standards in love, all of that will pay off this holiday season. Don′t forget Jupiter is in your sign so luck is an every day thing for you right now. You also have Mercury retrograde working some magic for you, and don′t be surprised if you experience some serious soul mate or twin flame action over the holidays, Scorpio.

Yes, dreams do come true and you′re probably going to experience that a lot this holiday season you lucky thing!

Sagittarius – Love is a very sexy battlefield.

With the holiday month starting off with Venus in your sign, Sagittarius, love for you is looking good. It′s a great time to start something new in love, whether that is a new relationship, or a new plateau in your existing relationship. You start the month feeling romantic and happy and like anything is possible, whether single or attached.

Anything is possible! Mercury retrograde is going to add a sense of intensity to your love game this holiday season. Finally you are playing for keeps, or at least you feel as if every love encounter could be The One. It might just be, Sag! It could feel stop and go a bit, but you are fighting for keeps. Love is a very sexy battlefield for you.

Capricorn – Change is the only guarantee.

Pluto is still visiting your first house, Capricorn, and Venus in Sagittarius is working your house of endings. This means there are a lot of changes for you in the works in all sectors, and romance is no exception. As a Capricorn, you are loyal and grounded by nature and this is only good news to you.

Commitments of the romantic kind that are in place now, will be kept throughout the holidays, but the twelfth house of activity means love is intense. You may even meet your soul mate this year, if Pluto has his say. To succeed in love, you must be willing to accept and embrace the changes Pluto has in store.

Aquarius – The friend zone could actually be fun.

Friends and groups are where your holiday love vibes are going to be found this holiday season, Aquarius. Venus in Sagittarius is working your house of social circles – anything and everyone is up for grabs. You may find unconventional relationships crop up over the holidays, or be friend zoned in a way that startles you, but the second you turn around, there will be The One.

Unconventional relationships are not out of the question, like a long-distance love or a blast from your past. It may not look exactly “normal” but those are your favorite kind of experiences. You could also see an office relationship or friendship blossom into something very exciting!

Pisces – All eyes are on you.

With Venus in Sagittarius, Pisces is having a grand time during the holidays and should expect to see many admirers along the way. Venus is working your tenth house of career destiny, Pisces, and this may suggest an office romance. This is also your house of public image, so don′t be surprised if you run into someone famous in your quest for higher love!

As the mutable water sign however, you do have a bit of a wandering eye. If you keep this in check then the gods will reward you this holiday, and there will be many a temptation come your way. You will not be short of lovers this year, Pisces, if you don′t want to be. If you shouldn′t be, then you shouldn′t be, so keep that in mind.

The tenth house of energy is always fun, and you never know who will cross your path. The wrong move could be downright mortifying, so keep that karma in check.

There you have it. All you need to know for your holiday love forecast. Got more questions? We have Astrology Answers. Everyone wants to be loved over the holidays. We want you to be loved too. If you are stuck, keep an eye on your Daily Horoscopes or just give us a shout!

We′ll do everything we can to help you make those holiday love wishes come true during Venus in Sagittarius.



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