GEMINI: Born To Be Free!


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I am taking my unique way to celebrate my life in a quietness of my soul. This week was extremely charged week: I became a grandma for twins who are Gemini as well and this morning, I got a flat tire = meaning = slow down. So, I am stopping now allowing Divine to complete all work on my life, naturally. Who we are Gemini: Born to be free?

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini borns have a sharp intellect and they have a conscious mind. They are spontaneous, adaptable, analytical, educated, learned, helpful, with teaching abilities, intense sense of humor, wit and imagination or talkative, nervous, restless, agitated and indecisive. But on the flip side, Geminis are inquisitive,  foxy, inconsistent, superficial and tend to worry a lot. Gemini makes very interesting and exciting friends. They like to leave their mark on everyone they meet.

If  a Gemini is your close friend, you are in a transformation for better version of you. ~Veronika

Geminis are known for being very INDEPENDENT, and as such you’re not willing to be governed by anyone or anything. In fact, your sense of freedom is essential to your mental and emotional health.

While you may enjoy the company others, you need PLENTY OF TIME TO YOURSELF. Without some solitude you can become moody, although you try to hide it. Geminis are generally high strung, simply because you’re always ready to jump when and where you’re needed. And you learn by EXPERIENCING LIFE, not by being a bystander. This keeps you from getting bored (something you simply can’t tolerate).

Who is a Gemini? Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane!


Gemini in love & relationships

As a friend, you’re both INTERESTING and STIMULATING. You will certainly be remembered by everyone you meet, and your social group may constantly change and evolve — but you never forget your old friends.


You are fun to be with you and love to give advice. You have a strong communication style and you can often get your way with your enthusiastic persuasion about the matter. You give GREAT ADVICE, but you don’t like to be burdened with other people’s issues. You may feel this steals away that valuable sense of FREEDOM that you need in order to remain balanced.

 Gemini and perception

You’re likely to form your opinions of others based on the way that you’re treated, rather than discovering who that person really is. This can lead to disappointments and disillusion, because you tend to paint it the world way that you want to see it. This can give you a SENSE OF NAIVETY, for you would rather believe the best than know the disappointing truth.


You truly have TWO SIDES. Such is the nature of your ‘twin,’ the sign that represents Gemini in the Zodiac. You’ve got more than your share of energy and stamina and you’re very clever when it comes to LANGUAGE. In a nutshell, you can adapt to most situations and most people, and you’re more likely than other astrology signs to be the social butterfly — just learn to keep your perception in check.

 Let us, Gemini, celebrate our uniqueness, being 2 in 1,  as never before…

Maui 2006 036

Veronika Prielozna, as a Gemini in her time of  ferri travel catching a plane to Hawaiian Island…always planning, always dreaming and traveling (at least in her mind).





Reference: katt-boigurlluvr-gemini-quotes-atufx2-quote.jpg













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