After my India solo traveling, I became the Amazon author of two India travel books on Soon after publishing,  “Book Marketing” challenge occurred.  After all, I have been: a traveler, writer, and publisher, I am pushed by a situation to become a Book Marketing Manager. Oh, mine! Therefore, I keep learning on the go with “Mama Google” assistance on my side, and I found out that gathering book reviews is a way to go. As many academic papers said and Amazon gave me a proof, nowadays a book review is the most critical assessment of a book.  Amazon is very specific about how to submit a book review; as I learned the hard way experienced a few book reviews losses.  But now, let us learn together HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL BOOK REVIEWER for my books.

As a baby needs a Godmother and Godfather,  so does a book!

Therefore, I will list my wisdom here for all my prosperous “Book Godparents” to avoid pitfalls in submitting a book review on “No more losses, here!” Books details as follow:


Soulful Journeys in India

‘Western Daughter with Eastern Soul’

Book 1 – Toward the Mountain

Book2  – Toward the Ocean

eBooks: Traveling from your armchairs reading ebooks!
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How To Submit a book review with a success?

love my reading
Traveling ebooks can bring some surprises to your life!

1.Create your account on It is easy, but you might find a process guidance helpful here

2. Buy my books on
You can download the app and read it “just between” moments.”
Only paid clients are eligible to submit a book review.

3. Read and enjoy a book.  Take notes and highlight major points and use your notes to evaluate the book.

4. Write and submit positive feedback with many stars as possible, smile!
(You can ask a question in your review, and I will answer it. It is a smart way of having a viewer engaged in reading, stirring curiosity, etc. Be true to yourself in your reflection. )

5. Once, I will see your review on Amazon. com. I will scream and yell “Halleluiah” that you make a journey traveling to India with me from your armchair, so rest of the world can follow…

6. If you are local, I will invite you for a book coffee time and pay you back the book (s) cost in $ CAD. Please do not worry here! If you are not local, we will arrange our “ a book coffee time” using digital media to talk together and for sure, we will find a way to compensate you for your effort. You can ask any questions related to travel journey and books. I am open to your constructive feedback that will help me to grow.


Traveling Lady Moon

Thank you for supporting my Baby Books in spreading their wings to fly over our global village. Namaste!

“Keep traveling around the globe from your armchair reading ebooks by Traveling Lady Moon!”

Bon Voyage!
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