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INDIA Travel: Hotel MADIN, Varanasi & Travel Writer Who Never Sleeps In Me.

Did you realize that not every travel writer carries a big camera and a writing pad around? Some of those special ones are invisible at first; they make their mental notes using their energy field bank to remember and to download later on. They are able to use their smiles to decode hidden mysteries in … Continue reading INDIA Travel: Hotel MADIN, Varanasi & Travel Writer Who Never Sleeps In Me.

SACRED NUMEROLOGY: The Year Number ONE, “just be that BIRD!”

The worst is over now! Let consider that you did all the hard work of cultivating a healthy & vital space for the planting of your seed by removing any obstacles/beliefs/bad habits in 2016! Life runs in 9-year cycles so we will start the new set of years in 2017. Get ready for a new adventure of Year 2017, ready to have a peak?

TRAVEL STORIES: How Not To Be Lost Solo Traveling In India.

Solo Traveling will bring you new highs but new lows come as well. Therefore, searching for the best travel deal, not only in the prices but with personal service tailored to my needs was crucial to me.

How to find a good yoga teacher?


I’ve met many people during my travels in Canada and abroad who sincerely want to learn yoga. They ask me what kind of yoga they should look for? They ask this question not because there is a lack of yoga classes around, but because even without any experience in yoga, they can see thru the gimmicks and they know that the twenty-year-old-yoga-girl-yoga is not what they are looking for, even if the instructor happens to be in her thirties.

So how is a person supposed to find a good yoga teacher? Luck, I suppose is the easiest way. I usually advise finding someone older than yourself, someone you can relate to on some level. I tell people to avoid Bikram and hot yoga unless they just want a really good work out and even then I think there are much better practices for fitness. Iyengar provides this, as well as…

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MANTRA in yoga classes.

In my yoga teaching,  slowly I keep introducing chanting wisdom into my yoga classes. I found this article on that summarized all common chanting/ mantra we are familiar with here in the West. So, keep humming on with a focus to manifest your desire and life you are dreaming about. “Check it out; there … Continue reading MANTRA in yoga classes.


As a baby needs a Godmother and Godfather, so does a book!

KERALA ASHRAM: A Spoon of Kindness

The diversity of India was reflected in my travel as well. The time came, after a reckless taxi ride from the airport; I was standing behind an ashram gate alone. No front desk or a receptionist to ask a question, only high heat of South Indian sun on me and confusion in my soul.  At … Continue reading KERALA ASHRAM: A Spoon of Kindness

INDIA travel: Life between ‘Rich & Poor’ in MUMBAI.

MUMBAI, as a city, has two faces: Bollywood millionaires and Slumdog’s workers. All stories I heard from hotel taxi driver Mr. Sunil, who is not shy to share his passion for this city and his employment. Fariyas Hotel has a fantastic location: walking distance from a Gateway to India andTaj Mahal Hotel, and yet far … Continue reading INDIA travel: Life between ‘Rich & Poor’ in MUMBAI.