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A human body has many ports of energy flows, (chakras, and meridians) with a main port in and around your spine. In Veronika’s Urban Retreat – Gaia, Cosmos and You, we will explore the human body via natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether/Space. These elements work together as your integrated inner health team to reach your optimal alignments.



Once you have a better understanding of the subtle energy flow in your body, suddenly all will start making sense. Natural elements, or “Nature in You” influence us on a physical, emotional, and subtle energetic realm, so you can then empower yourself to shift your consciousness and your life.


In this retreat, you will stretch your body and consciousness to learn:

  •  Flow of energy in a human body via Power Points
  • How to utilize this wisdom into your self-care
  • Experimental energy feeling – group work
  • Self-care presented via movements, yoga, sounds, meditation, affirmations, tribe dance and laughter.

Circle dance

“I prefer a singing bowl rather than a honking horn!”

Sometimes you may feel stuck and uninspired, which would be an EARTH imbalance, while other times you may feel dis empowered and lacking in self-esteem, which would be FIRE imbalance. These are profoundly complex concepts charged by forces of NATURE—Veronika will break them down in simple, easy-to-grasp lectures and movements that are directly applicable to your wellness practice and your life, here and now.

yoga class1


Five elements will give us five Urban Retreats – daytime intensives, in our local time, no visa or passport needed,  and we will start with EARTH.

Date for Earth Retreat – SPRING 2019

March 22, 2019 – Friday – from 9AM to 17:00, or 5PM


  • McTavish Art Academy, North Saanich
  • Please Google Map if needed
  • Free Parking


  • Retreat fees: $120 (tax included)
  • “Friends Retreat Together”discounts: Register with a friend who is not on Veronika’s class list and both will get 10% discount
  • Package discount: $500 for 5 retreat = 20% discount


  • Preferable: electronic transfer from your bank to email:
  • Checks should be made payable to Veronika Prielozna.
  • Receipts will be available at the retreat during check-in.

Due date: February 20, 2019


  • A full refund will be given if you cancel prior to FEBRUARY 20th 2019.
  • Retreat purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • After that date NO REFUND will be given due to firm rental policy and minimum student requirements. A credit refund may be issued in case of life emergency towards next retreats.


 dependent on many factors - will be adjusted accordingly:

0900 – 0915              Registration, receipts per request (payment prior arrival)

0915 – 0930              Quiet meditation, centering and checking-in in the circle

0930 – 1030                Four Direction  Callings,  Circle assembly, Day Info

1030 – 1045              Coffee Break (provided)

1045 – 1200              Natural Science – Elements presentation – power points

1200 – 1300               Lunch Break ( self provided)

1300 – 1400               “Awakening Inner Healer” ( Yoga/ Chanting)

1400 – 1430               Coffee Break (provided)

1430 – 1530              Self-healing – Practical Application

1530 – 1600              Closing Circle – Four Directions

1600 – 1700              Circle Sharing & Feedback form,  home self-care

circle of hands


Bring some healthy snacks, your mug/ water bottle, notepad, comfortable wear (layers) a blanket, or your favorite yoga props, (all basic props included), most importantly bring yourself in an easy spirit, open mind and heart.

GROUP HUG with Veronika in the middle; SMILE for many photos FREE OF CHARGE!