My yoga teaching mission is “Heal Your Life Forward!” I empower my students/ clients to become their own healers by doing daily self-care practice using yoga and healing arts.  Students and colleagues of mine described me as “a passionate spirit, soulful storyteller, and a fountain of creativity”.

My yoga practice YOGA & HEALING ARTS (Yin-Yang) is mindfully focused on healing and rooted in Hatha Yoga, where fabrics of both are masterfully woven into every class. Class themes vary addressing specific conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, brain, frozen shoulders or hormonal changes during life transition time.

My classes reflected worldwide study stays (India, Hawaii) and work with renovated teachers: Carolyn Myss, PhD. Jean Houston, Ph.D., Andrew Harvey; yoga teachers such a Karuna Erickson, Ty Chandaler, Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder. I keep pursuing my higher education in the therapeutic yoga, the healing arts and spiritual traveling for personal grow and spiritual transformation.