Sam H.It was years ago now that I started studying with Veronika.  She welcomed me into her circle with open arms and a boisterous laugh.  I was going through a hard time in my life and struggling to understand the energy around me.  I am an extremely sensitive individual and am greatly affected by energies, sometimes I had trouble discerning if the energies I was feeling were even mine and/or knowing what I should do about them when they didn’t feel good.

Veronika invited me to take her “Enchanted Journey” course that she had developed to help people, like me, try to manage their energy.  The atmosphere was always warm and inviting, with a great deal of encouragement for people to be themselves and express their individuality.  I was able to learn that I’m not so strange after all, and to put words to many of the things I was experiencing.  Veronika’s teaching style was direct and she always gave room for experimentation/implementation as well as self-reflection.  She was very caring and supportive, and helped me see that my burdens were not mine alone.  She helped me realize that not all things needed to fall on my shoulders, and helped me learn how to process my energy when it was chaotic.  She offered a great many tools to her students to generate, build, process, organize and ground or disperse energy.  She would show us how, then encourage us to try ourselves, then ask us how it worked or not for us.  She allowed us to take what was relevant to /us/ individually and leave the rest for later.  She also gave us information on how our environment affects our energy, as well as our thoughts – extremely valuable material.

Today I am well on my way to being an energy healer myself, and have gained education and confidence in many healing arts.  I believe I owe my success in part to Veronika – because she saw me as I am and had such confidence in me; she knew I could be so much more than I was allowing myself and she encouraged me to follow my dreams.  Thank you Veronika for being a part of my growth and healing team; for all the ways you’ve helped me overcome so many hurtles in my life to allow me to be who I am, where I am, right now.  Thank you.

~Samantha H. , Healing Art student (2010), and Healing Art practitioner (2018)

2018, My Enchanted Healing Journey