MEDITATION 911 classes have been an interesting and very positive experience for me. I’ve tried meditation on and off for many years without much success. I could never sit quietly for more than a few minutes without my brain/monkey-mind interfering. Veronika started us off slowly, with short bursts of meditation, and assisting us with the correct sitting posture. At first, it was uncomfortable to sit without support, but after a few classes, and some teacher adjustments, I could sit for over 10 minutes (it felt like 2 minutes!). Veronika taught us many meditation techniques that helped me relax and let my breath guide the way. She asked us to do homework and meditate every day – some days are better than others – but slowly my meditation practice has improved and I’m noticing that my stress level is decreasing – and that’s only after 6 weeks. I can only imagine what benefits I will experience a long term!

~ Janette, Experienced YOGA PRACTITIONER and MEDITATION student

2018, Ten minutes meditation felt like two minutes!