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Integrative Yoga Teacher committed to making a difference TO LIVES OF OTHERS by applying Yoga wisdom and philosophy from the mat to everyday living.


I enjoy teaching self-care yoga to balance living harmony in a human body. I effectively use Ayurveda wisdom of chakras, zodiac system, yoga asana, meditation and mindfulness as valuable tools in finding relaxation and happiness for busy people. My embodiment of living arts comes as an inspiration for a joyful and vibrant life to all.


Encouraging leader
Adaptable professional
Team player
Intuitive healer

 Professional yoga training and certifications

2017 – 300 Hours / AJNA YOGA ADVANCE TEACHER PROGRAM becoming a Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. 

2015 – 240 Hours / AJNA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM (therapeutic yoga studio) with Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder based in Hatha Yoga. This training was designed to be a hands-on learning experience, with practical applications of student-centered teaching techniques.

2015 – 30 Hours / MINDFUL YIN INTENSIVE TRAINING with Jennifer Raye. This training was designed for teachers and for practitioners to deepen their understanding of the practice and instruction of Yin Yoga. This unique yoga blends with practice of Buddhist mindfulness, heart cultivation practices and subtle body from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2011 – 40 hours/ HEART YOGA with Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson. In their work they attempt to fuse both these longings and aspirations. The Sacred Marriage is the living unity of heaven and earth, heart and mind, body and soul. The inner experience of this marriage engenders a transformed human being; one who is simultaneously open to the transcendent and able to create and work for radical change in the immanent.

2009 – 30 Hours /Introduction to the INTEGRAL YOGA founded by Sri Aurobindo, Pondicheri, South India. The whole principle of Integral Yoga is to give oneself entirely to the Divine alone and to nobody else, and to bring down into ourselves by union with the Divine Mother all the transcendent light, power, wideness, peace, purity, truth-consciousness and Ananda of the Supramental Divine.

 Yoga & Holistic Life Experience:

2017 to present – Yoga teaching – Panorama Recreation Center, Sidney, BC

2018 – CATCHING UP ON YOGA LIFE, BALI – HONG KONG. Following in the spirit of “Eat, Pray, Love,” where the book was read, and the movie was viewed; Bali travel project led us to enrich our yoga lives with experience of prominent Bali yoga centers. A new spiritual and cultural imprint of life still keeps vibrating in us.

 2016 – FACING YOUR DESTINY, INDIA 2016.  Solo Yoga traveling project from Himalaya to Kerala, India:  It is a SOULFUL JOURNEY with Goddess adventure twist created by a heart, mind, and digital technology: once a western woman found herself living her dream throughout a Solo Traveling in India 2016, wonderfully.

 2015 – Hatha yoga teaching with healing focus on: lower back, frozen shoulders, sciatic nerves, stress and trauma, hormonal changes; Private clients and small group (15 students) Created yoga series for Women 40+: GODDESS UPGRADE – Ajna Yoga Studios

2012 – GAIA, COSMOS AND YOU: Utilizing Natural Elements into the Human Body through Self Care

It is a program (thesis project) that will assist you to see the outside world reflected in your own body as micro and macro orbits commingled together in a constant vibrational state. It will take you into a personal inner journey as it follows universal laws and cycles. It is a process of becoming, as the Buddhists would say; it is a flow of energy.

2010 – ENCHANTED JOURNEY:  Inner path of self-discovery.

Creating and facilitating the program. It is the transcendent work of unique insights into your Soul – a true self of you. During this self-healing process, students are guided from chakra to chakra or from chamber to chamber of his/her Temple—his/her body.

2005 to present    Yoga Life practice using yoga and healing art modalities to assist the healing process of individuals.

 Health and Wellness Studies

  • 2012 – Master Degree in Wisdom Studies Arts with Healing Concentration, Wisdom University, San Francisco
  • 2009 – Integrative Energy Healing Program,  3 yrs. p/t,  Langara College Vancouver, Certification (Associate Degree)
  • 2008 – Certificated Healing Touch Practitioner – Holistic Nurse continued education
  • 2004 – Nurse – license
  • 1991 – Massage Therapy, specialty for Sport, Bratislava, Slovakia – LMT license

FIRST AID and CPR Certifications for Health Care Providers (Current)


Yoga Alliance, Member –2016 – Present


Krista Enderud – Fitness, Weights & Rehabilitation Coordinator

Janette Sproston – Former Oak Bay Rec Programmer